Paige Spiranac Plays Shaftesbury Glen

Paige Spiranac paid a recent visit to the newly renovated Shaftesbury Glen Golf & Fish Club, where she got to experience their brand-new greens and extensive work on adding dramatic waste bunkering to several holes.



Paige Spiranac:
So we played Shaftesbury Glen and it was … We played 17 and that was with Jason, he showed me around the course. They’ve done some upgrades, which is great. They fixed some of the draining, they put new greens in. Usually new greens are firm and hard and not too much fun to play on, but these were really awesome and Jason was great too.

Yeah, a lot of work here renovating bunkers, new greens. 2001 we opened, so almost 20 years if my math is right on that.

It’s a real playable golf course. It’s one that I think anyone of all skill levels can come out and enjoy and have a really good time. I think sometimes, although some of the courses here are really beautiful, you do have to be pretty skilled to play some of them, but here you can still have a really great time if you’re really good or if you’re a beginner and it’s just very welcoming and friendly.