Paige Spiranac’s Take on Tradition Golf Club

Recently, Myrtle Beach golf ambassador Paige Spiranac spent some time playing Tradition Golf Club in Pawleys Island, and had some thoughts about the layout and, in particular, their brand-new greens.


So I had the opportunity to play the Tradition Golf Club, and it was really cool. I felt it was very different than a lot of the other courses that I’ve played in Myrtle Beach. Holes 4 and 7 were two holes that kind of stood out to me.

What I liked about No. 4 was that it was very straightforward. Sometimes I get sick of playing golf courses with tons of doglegs, and elevated surfaces, and hidden greens and fairways and water, and kind of tricked-up holes. And I found this course to be just right in front of you, and that’s really refreshing and fun.

But what really stood out were the greens. Tradition just got new greens, which was really cool. The difference was that usually when they put new greens in they’re very firm, but these greens were holding, so it was a bit surprising. And you could tell as soon as you stepped on them they were running so smooth, and I think they were some of the best greens that I’ve played so far in Myrtle Beach.

So if you haven’t been in there for a while, you should probably go check it out because it’s pretty cool!

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