The Player’s Digest: Glen Dornoch Waterway Golf Links

No other Grand Strand design offers the interactive experience with the Intracoastal Waterway quite like Glen Dornoch Waterway Golf Links in Little River, S.C. Join’s David Williams as he takes you on a guided aerial tour of this popular design, and offers tips on how to play its most popular holes.



Framed along the banks of the Intracoastal Waterway is the renowned Glen Dornoch Waterway Links, one of Myrtle Beach’s most picturesque designs. Opened in 1997, this Clyde Johnston design has planted itself firmly in the Myrtle Beach golf scene. With water in play on 12 holes, Glen Dornoch presents a daunting task for even the best golfers.

Everyone loves making birdies, and you get your first real birdie opportunity on the par-four 3rd. Tipping out at 300 yards, longer players can easily knock their tee shot on or around this green. Avoid the cluster of bunkers on this hole to leave an easy approach shot.

One of the smallest greens sits on the par three 4th. Avoiding the deep greenside bunkers here is the key.

You get your first interaction with the Intracoastal Waterway on the 8th hole. This par five starts with an intense downhill tee shot. Your approach shot will have to avoid the seven small bunkers that are strategically placed around this green. Don’t go long, or you’ll find the waterway!

Playing along the water, the par-four 9th hole requires your full attention. Tee shots are best placed on the left side of this fairway. This will leave with an unimpeded view of the green. This green is a shared green with the 18th hole. Do not find the wrong section!

The contouring on the par-4 12th hole gives you a great idea of what to expect on the back nine at Glen Dornoch.

The most popular par three at Glen Dornoch is the 17th.nThe marshland surrounds this entire green while the banks of the waterway creep up to the back edge of the green. The bunker complex on this hole makes it very special. Avoid the railroad ties, and don’t let the passing boats distract you.

The tee shot on the 18th hole presents golfers with a tough decision. Longer players can get aggressive and try to carry the marsh to leave a shorter second shot. The safe play is to hit a 230 shot up the right. This green is guarded by five pot bunkers. Remember, this green is a shared green!

The experience at Glen Dornoch is unrivaled. Make sure you bring plenty of golf balls here on your next Myrtle Beach golf trip!