The Player’s Digest: The New-Look Pine Lakes

Technically, it may have aged 16 months since David’s last visit, but Pine Lakes Country Club looks better than ever after its recent facelift.’s David Williams returns to “The Granddaddy” to guide us through his latest aerial tour, this one highlighting Pine Lakes’ most notable upgrades including brand-new greens and dramatically reconfigured bunkers.




Now, I know what you all are thinking: “You’ve already done a Player’s Digest episode from Pine Lakes!”

Yes, you’re right. We have, but a lot has changed at “The Granddaddy” since that episode.

Pine Lakes underwent a major renovation in 2021, putting in Sunday UltraDwarf Bermuda greens and reshaping the bunkers. Every bunker on the golf course was re-done. The white sand in the new bunkers is a very nice touch.

The point of this episode isn’t to walk through each of my favorite holes, it’s to show the scope of the renovations done here.

The greenside bunkers on the first hole are the first place you see the white sand with the dormant zoysia grass around the edges. It really pops.

The new bunkers make it easier to get in and out of, and help prevent the golf ball from plugging into it.

I’m sorry to report, the tough 3rd hole is still tough, but there were no bunkers added to this hole. Just a reshaped green with a brand-new putting surface.

You really see the scope of the bunker work on the 5th hole. These reshaped bunkers add a great bit of strategy to this reachable par 5.

Not only did they reshape the bunker on 9, but they added a new tee box which is where this drone shot is being filmed. Once again, the reshaping of this bunker looks incredible.

Similar to 5, the greenside bunkers around the 10th bring some strategy into play.

As you round the corner of the 13th hole you notice the new bunkers framing this green with the clubhouse over the back.

The 14th hole will look the most different to you next time you visit Pine Lakes.

The greenside bunker on the left side was re-done, but the right side is where the most work happened.

The big bunker was removed and replaced with a small pot bunker. When we talked to head golf professional Jimmy Biggs, he said, “I’m sure it will have a nickname.” We’ll let y’all decide what to name it!

To the left of the 15th green used to sit one expansive, deep bunker. They blew it up and made into four smaller bunkers.

The 18th hole greenside bunkers look night-and-day different. It’s truly a great way to finish your round at Pine Lakes.

I wish I had more hands because I would give Pine Lakes “six thumbs up!” The new white sand in the bunkers plus the new greens make this one of the most enjoyable golf experiences around.  Make sure you play here on your next Myrtle Beach golf trip!