Ambassadors’ Toughest Grand Strand Courses

Which Myrtle Beach golf course presents the biggest challenge to your personal game? We asked, and they answered. Barefoot Resort & Golf’s Dave Genevro, Seaside Golf Vacations’ Mark Rosenberg, Chase McGraw of Coastal Golfaway, Ryan Hart of Golf Tourism Solutions, and Scott Thrailkill of each weigh in on the one area design that pushes their game to the limit.



Dave Genevro:
This week’s question for the Play Golf Myrtle Beach Ambassadors is, which Grand Strand golf course is the most challenging to your personal game? My vote goes to The Dunes Golf & Beach Club, a wonderful design with great conditions all the time. And the challenge for me not playing much golf anymore is the greens, they’re firm and fast, and I have a tendency to quit going through the putts because of the speed. And I’m missing on the short side all the time, leading to three-putts during my round. Great course. Steve Hamilton and his staff, and the maintenance staff do a wonderful job on a daily basis. If you’ve never played the track, try it out. You won’t be disappointed.

Mark Rosenberg:
The one that is most challenging for me is Prestwick Country Club. It requires me to hit a lot of long precision irons into those greens, and that’s not my strong suit. They could put the pins in some tricky positions because of the undulations, and the greens are fast. Next time you’re in Myrtle Beach, test your game at Prestwick Country Club. You won’t be disappointed. You’ll love it. See you here soon!

Chase McGraw:
I’m a younger guy. I hit it a little ways and I can hit it somewhat straight, but definitely the hardest part for me is putting. And The Heritage Club, with their huge, huge greens, makes it very difficult. You can hit it on one front of the green and have a mile to the back of those greens, and I just end up three-putting a bunch. It’s a beautiful golf course, don’t get me wrong. And I actually love it. It’s been in my top 10 in Myrtle Beach. But for me personally, those greens make that golf course so difficult day in and day out, because they keep them in excellent condition, they’re super-fast with a lot of undulation. And it’s just, it is fun, but it is a tough golf course. So for me, I would say Heritage Club is probably the toughest for my game personally.

Ryan Hart:
Well, I’m sure if you ask that question to a bunch of different people, you’ll get a bunch of different answers. But for me, it’s quick, it’s easy, it’s not really comparable to me: Pawleys Plantation. Outside of being one of the best courses in the area, for me it’s by far the toughest. It’s challenging off the tee in the fact that it has length. It’s extremely narrow, it’s one of the more narrow courses on the beach. It’s a Nicklaus design. The greens are extremely small. When you miss the green, after it being really small, it’s tough to get up and down. They’ve got deep bunkers.

And it’s cool that the front nine and the back nine are completely different, because you get that inland look and feel on the front nine, then you go to the back nine, you’re out there on the marsh hitting balls on the island greens in the wind and stuff like that. So yeah, for me, the most challenging course along the Grand Strand is Pawleys Plantation.

Scott Thrailkill:
Well, surprisingly enough, I’ve played all the hard ones: True Blue, Dunes Club. Yes, they give me my struggle. One surprising one is Willbrook Plantation Golf Club, located just a half a mile away from the resort. I don’t know what it is about the golf course: 18 beautiful holes, they’ve got bunkers, they’ve got water, they’ve got the nice mossy oak trees. But for some reason, personally, I just cannot get over this golf course. I can’t. I play so many good holes, but I’ve got to have my four or five bad ones that leave me coming back for more. So, play Willbrook Plantation, be surprised like I am, but hopefully, your scores are much better!