Polishing the Pearl Provides a Pair of Gems

February 18, 2013

While the new greens are the most obvious sign of the work being done, they are only part of the process, because the rejuvenation of the Pearl is a comprehensive one.

Tee boxes have been re-sodded and hundreds of trees have been “limbed up,” allowing for an exponential increase in sunlight and airflow, important factors in keeping a course healthy and green.
The Pearl Golf Course of Myrtle Beach offers two experiences: The East Course and The West

Over the years, roots on some of the soaring pine trees grew through cart paths, creating a bumpy ride. But that problem has been eradicated.

Any roots interfering with a cart path have been removed, smoothing out the driving surface. In the short term a mixture of coquina was put down and when the spring golf season ends, new asphalt will be installed.

New bunkers and refurbished restrooms, among other things, are also on the immediate horizon.

The West Course is the more open of the two designs and is defined by its meaty par 5s and holes along the Calabash River.

Three of the West Course’s par 5s play longer than 550 yards from the tips, including the 614-yard 16th hole, the fourth longest on the Grand Strand. The 16th also plays along the Calabash River, providing stunning visuals and enhancing the challenge (don’t slice the ball!).

Beginning with the 15th green, the Calabash River comes into play on the final four holes of the West Course.

The East Course is a traditional parkland layout, carved through a pristine forest with many scenic views, all ending with a dynamic finish along the Calabash River.

The Verdict: The Pearl is an attractive facility that is, literally, getting better every day. Both layouts are strong, the holes along the Calabash River provide take-home memories, and the new greens are outstanding. Spending a day at this Pearl will make any Myrtle Beach golf trip a gem.

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