Project Golf Hosts Young Professionals Group for Special “Introduction to Golf” Session

Project Golf’s “An Introduction to Golf” program at Legends Golf Resort was a perfect entry point for the Grand Strand Young Professionals to get more comfortable with the game and, in turn, integrate it more effectively as part of their networking efforts. Grand Strand Young Professionals’ Caroline Murray and Project Golf’s Gene Augustine offered thoughts on how the program is helping.


Caroline Murray:
I want to learn more about the golf game in general. I want to see what I already know and what I can learn, so that I can begin to have my own successful golf career, even if it is just on the weekends!

So, one of the reasons that I wanted to bring (our) young professionals (group) out to learn more about golf in general was just so they’re familiar and not afraid to kind of approach a golf course, to take business onto the golf course. I think that is something that you always see people frequently go and do business on the golf course after hours, or during hours. But I really want to make sure the young professionals know it can be a fun time. It can be something you can do in your spare time or with business.

This evening, we have a little under 20 people from our young professionals group, the Grand Strand Young Professionals, coming out to learn more about, not only Project Golf, but the golf game in general, as well as socialize with other young professionals in the area. This is a great way, not only for them to learn about golf, but network with other young professionals who are also interested in learning about golf.

Gene Augustine:
Yeah. I mean, traditionally, this age bracket has been tough to attract and market to golf right now. That age group … We’re talking about 20s and 30-somethings … is actually declining in the golf business right now. So, the more we can do to attract people of that age to golf, especially young professionals … I mean, there’s a natural tie-in there between business and golf. So, we’re going to talk quite a bit about that tonight with this group.

Tonight is all about fun, right? We’re going to introduce the game. We’re going to kind of break down some of the barriers that are out there that keep people from playing. You know, it can be an intimidating sport. You may look at this complex in and of itself, (and) it can be pretty intimidating. The bag drop here at Legends is … You know, it’s controlled chaos over there. You’ve got three golf courses, you’ve got people coming, dropping off clubs, big tour groups and everything. But we’re going to try to get them to understand exactly what’s going on. Because once you understand what’s going on, then it’s no longer intimidating. So, we’re going to work on that tonight.

Our program, An Introduction to Golf, is … Basically, we’re going to do a mini version of that, a one-night version of that, tonight. But, typically, it’s a six-lesson program. You know, we’re doing one here. We actually started last night because this is one of the few lighted practice facilities out here. So, this is where we’re doing it.

To find out more and to sign up for our spring programs, you can visit and look for An Introduction to Golf.