Project Golf Launches New “Introduction to Golf” Initiative

Gene Augustine, director of Project Golf, a new non-profit organization based in Myrtle Beach, S.C. tasked with helping to grow the game, discusses their new “Introduction to Golf” initiative being launched to bring more people into the fold.



Gene Augustine: Project Golf is a nonprofit organization whose goal is to build the game of golf throughout the Grand Strand. We’re going to do that through multiple avenues, one of them designed to introduce people who live here to the game of golf by giving them beginner lessons, and doing a beginner lesson series.

We’re kicking that off tonight with a program called “An Introduction to Golf.” It’s a six-lesson series, over six weeks, 90 minutes at a time, where we’re going to cover not just how to play the game – chipping, putting, hitting full shots – but we’re also going to talk about the rules of golf, and the etiquette associated with golf. We’re going to take away all the discomfort with how to play the game.

The ultimate goal of this program is to bring people together through golf. You, me, anybody who’s played golf for a long time and created some great friendships through golf, we’re hoping to pass that on to other people. Learning the game of golf with people who are in the same category as beginning golfers. There are going to be some lifelong friendships built from this program, and that’s exciting.

Just go to our website,, and click on the link to sign up for an introduction to golf.