Provider Spotlight: Condo-World’s Commitment to Customer Safety

Alex Husner, chief marketing officer for Condo-World Resort Properties in North Myrtle Beach, S.C., joins us to discuss her company’s many steps to ensure customer safety – both during check-in and during their stay – while in Myrtle Beach for their next golf getaway.



Alex Husner:
When COVID-19 first hit we knew that it was going to be so important to make sure that we have a process that makes our guests feel comfortable when they come to check in at Condo-World. And what we were able to do, which was a unique situation here, we moved offices earlier this year, we moved from across the street on 17th Avenue South to a new building, which has an underground parking deck level.

We created a very contact-free, minimal contact check-in process where everything is done digitally. And when the guests arrive at Condo-World they will get a text and they just either drive or walk through the underground of our building, we hand them their packet and they’re on their way. So it’s very frictionless and it’s been very well received.

One of the things that we implemented this year, too, we’ve added additional cleaning protocols for our housekeeping staff. We’ve moved the check-in time from 3 p.m. to 4 p.m. just to give a little bit more time. That being said, obviously we haven’t been full this whole summer so guests will get a text message as soon as their unit is ready, which could potentially be sooner than 4 p.m. Once they get that text message, all they need to do is just come drive through the bottom level of our building and show us their ID, and then we’ll have the packet ready for them.

Now prior to that, the week before they arrive, they’ll be using our online pre-registration process where they can choose how many parking passes they need, how many keys, and all that’s just ready to go. So they don’t have to come in, they don’t have to be in our lobby, they don’t have to be waiting in line, it’s all a very quick and efficient process.

The guests absolutely love it. I mean, this is something that this is going to probably just be standard protocol going forward, it’s so easy. And I know just driving around on Saturdays in North Myrtle Beach or any destination, normally the line to check in at a hotel or a rental company is out the door, so this completely alleviates that. Most of our guests are driving from Pennsylvania, New York, a long drive. And by the time they get here they want to get to their condo. So the best thing is that they can quickly get their stuff, stay safe, stay in their car in a lot of cases, or walk up, and get on to enjoying their vacation.