Provider Spotlight: Golf Trek and the Myrtle Beach Golf App

Here’s yet another way to alleviate COVID-19 concerns: the Myrtle Beach Golf App from Golf Trek, which brings virtual check-in to a whole new level. Join us as Golf Trek’s Craig Chinn shows us the benefits.



Craig Chinn:
When you book your golf vacation and your Myrtle Beach golf package through Golf Trek, we have every golfer download our Myrtle Beach Golf app, which is new to the market, and it might be the only golf vacation app (in the market).

So you book your package, talk to one of our 12 sales guys with 200 years of experience between us all, set your tee times up, book a beautiful condo like we have in here. We have oceanfront homes, and ocean view condos, and so on.

With your app, you get your check-in instructions seven days before you arrive. So, there’s no front desk to check into, there’s nowhere (else) to go, you go directly to the unit. The codes work via WiFi. So, at 4 p.m. on the day of check-in, your code is active and ready to go, and it stops working at 10 a.m. on the day of checkout. So, you’re in and out whenever you want to go, there are no keys to keep up with, large groups don’t have to have multiple keys. There’s one code, one app, and it’s all in the palm of your hand.

The Myrtle Beach Golf app, powered by Golf Trek, offers all your GPS navigation from where you’re staying to the golf courses that you’re playing. Your tee time itinerary is there, there are no more paper vouchers that so many golfers that have been coming for years have always had to use. It’s all there on your itinerary, GPS instruction.

The app also has restaurant deals. We’re partners with lots of restaurants on the Grand Strand that offer special deals and discounts that geo target your location. So, to give you a recommendation for a restaurant after your round of golf is really big right now. It has a newsfeed, so it keeps pumping information while you’re not just here, but also when you’re back home.

The feedback’s been great. We launched it about a month ago. You check into the golf course, you pull up your app, show them your tee time, the front desk counter in the pro shop sees your name, the group leader’s name, the tee time that you’re playing, how many players, checks you in very easily and you’re on your way to the first tee.

The app can be downloaded on iTunes and the Apple store, and also through the Android store through Google. So, it’s available for all devices, and it’s free!