Rymer Bites: 3 Presidents Cup Takeaways

The Christmas beard is starting to take hold, and Charlie Rymer has some holiday cheer for you as he shares his thoughts about an exciting Presidents Cup competition just completed. Hear what he has to say about Royal Melbourne, Patrick Reed and Tiger Woods!



Charlie Rymer coming to you from my breakfast spot here in Murrells Inlet, South Carolina, and yes, I’m growing in my Christmas beard. Speaking of Christmas, I believe golf fans all over the world got an early Christmas present over this weekend as the Presidents Cup was really, really exciting. Now, a lot of golfers I ran into out on the golf course yesterday, it’s all they were talking about is the Presidents Cup. And why was it so exciting? This is a competition. There really hasn’t been a competition throughout its history. Remember the International team’s only won one Presidents Cup.

So this year it was different, I believe, for three reasons. First and foremost, Royal Melbourne, what an amazing golf venue! It’s an interesting golf course, and the design and the conditioning work together so you can have all of these wonderful ground features. But if the golf course is really soft, they don’t come into play at Royal Melbourne. You have to play along the ground because of the firmness of the golf course. I hope a lot of folks across the U.S. wake up and realize that their golf course is just too soft. And a lot of the interesting features on most golf courses that people go over should be dealt with. So conditioning has to match design. When that happens, you get something really special.

Patrick Reed was accused of cheating the week before at the Hero World Challenge. You can make up your mind whether you think that was cheating or it was inadvertent. I know that most of the players have sort of made up their mind, and Patrick Reed continues to cause controversy everywhere he goes. All I’m going to say about it is you make your own bed, and you’ve got to sleep in it. So Patrick Reed’s going to have a lot of difficulty dealing with issues moving forward because it doesn’t seem to be getting easier for him and he makes it really hard on himself.

And then, finally, how about Tiger Woods as playing captain? It was so cool to see Tiger genuinely emotional after that, when not to mention the fact that he went out and he was 3 and 0. Tiger Woods really enjoyed being a captain at the Presidents Cup. I think we’re going to see a lot of that in the future. Tiger Woods as a captain of the Presidents Cup, also Ryder Cup, and I’m guessing multiple times.

All right. If I don’t talk to you guys before Christmas, have a wonderful and Merry Christmas. Ho, Ho, Ho!