Rymer Bites: Cameron Champ, Tiger Woods & Rory McIlroy

This week, Charlie Rymer checks in from the car wash as he offers his thoughts on Cameron Champ’s emotion-filled weekend, Tiger Woods’ latest road back from injury and Rory McIlroy’s choice words for the European Tour.



Charlie Rymer here. What am I doing this morning? Yeah, I’m going through the car wash. I thought that’d be a nice time to talk a little bit about what happened in the world of golf last week. Let’s start off with the PGA TOUR. A lot of emotion on the PGA TOUR last week, as we saw Cameron Champ get back in the winner’s circle.

Now remember Cam Champ, big hitter. Longest on the PGA TOUR. He won for the first time in his rookie season last year down in Mississippi. A lot of expectation after that win. He was on the cover of magazines. Well, he found out that PGA TOUR golf can be a little bit tough, even if you do have that distance. He was humiliated a little bit with having to deal with some injuries, having to deal with all that expectation.

But what did he do? He hung in there. He figured it out. And now he’s once again a winner on the PGA TOUR. And had to deal with a lot of emotion last week as well. He was from the area, his grandfather, unfortunately he’s having a tough time with cancer right now. And Cam had to deal with all that emotion, in going out and now winning again on the PGA TOUR.

(I like this car wash – Scrubby’s, they do a great job!)

I tell you who else does a great job. Tiger Woods, everything he does. Yep. He got cleared to get back out and practice again last week. He’s 100 percent now. Is he getting ready to be a playing captain for the President’s Cup? We’re just going to have to wait and see.

And how about Roy McIlroy making some big statements? Critical of the setup on the European Tour, saying the events are just not set up as challenging as they should be. And there are some issues with that. And he said, “You hit a bad shot, and you can still score.” He would rather see the setups a little bit tougher. And that gets us into the distance debate.

(Now we’re going through the very end of this process. I better hurry up. We’re blowing the truck off now!)

Distance debate. We’re never going to hear the end of it. We have some clubs that are nonconforming. They were caught in testing. It’s not on the players. The manufacturers set these drivers up right on the edge, and players go out and hit a lot of drivers. We can have a little bit of creep over that line.

Are we going to have a situation in golf sort like we do in NASCAR? I was at Charlotte Motor Speedway last week for a couple of days, spending some time in the garage. They test those vehicles with some really high tech stuff before the guys go out and race them. Are we going to see stuff like that in golf? Well, you’re just going to have to wait and see.

All I know is, I’ve got a clean truck! You guys have a great week!