Rymer Bites: Rally at U.S. Amateur, PGA TOUR CHAMPIONS Perseverance and TOUR Championship Preview

Charlie checks in from North of the Border to weigh in on a fellow Georgia Tech alum making history at the U.S. Amateur, a triumphant comeback on the PGA TOUR CHAMPIONS for Doug Barron after a seven-year hiatus, and what we might anticipate at East Lake as the PGA TOUR season concludes this weekend at the TOUR Championship.


Charlie Rymer here coming to you this morning from Winnipeg, Manitoba. That’s in Canada. Nice folks up here. I was up doing an outing for a great club … told them a few stories. Might have told them a few I shouldn’t have told them. But we had a lot of fun last night.

Also, a lot of fun, if you watch much golf, over the weekend. First story that caught my eye is a rising senior at Georgia Tech, Andy Ogletree is the U.S. Amateur Champion, third U.S. Amateur Champion out of Georgia Tech. Matt Kuchar and Bobby Jones are the other two. It was a really cool match. He was down early to John Augenstein out of Vanderbilt. Four down really early. Great job, Andy, coming back and winning the U.S. Amateur.

On the PGA TOUR CHAMPIONS, Doug Barron. I played with him some back in the day on the PGA TOUR. He’s been out of golf for seven years, had some health issues. Ended up having some legal suits with the PGA TOUR. But for the last seven years, he’s been working on his game. Came back, played well in the British Senior a couple weeks ago, and Monday qualified for the Dick’s Sporting Goods Open, and now he’s a winner on the PGA TOUR CHAMPIONS. Really cool.

And how about Justin Thomas at the BMW up at Medinah? Second of three FedEx Cup playoff events, (and Justin) lit that golf course up. It used to be hard. These guys make it look easy now. So Justin Thomas is heading into the TOUR Championship (leading the) FedEx Cup at East Lake this week. He is number one on that list. That means that he starts at 10 under par. That’s right, folks. We got a staggered start in the FedEx Cup. Justin Thomas coming in with a ton of momentum, and he’s already at 10 under par. But a couple guys, I think, might give him a run for his money. Right in behind him, Patrick Cantlay, who’s had a phenomenal year. And Rory McIlroy also with, I think, a very good shot at East Lake. That’s a perfect golf course for him. Going to be interesting to see how this FedEx Cup unfolds this week.

I’m heading home, eh?