Rymer’s Reasons: To Get to the Beach, Take to the Skies

In this episode, PlayGolfMyrtleBeach.com’s Charlie Rymer shows us how Myrtle Beach International Airport has blossomed, and made the Grand Strand more accessible by air than ever before. Join Charlie as he shows you its updated, convenient features.



One of my favorite things about Myrtle Beach is the Myrtle Beach International Airport. Look at this, it’s 5:00 in the evening. It’s like my own private airport. Myrtle Beach International has 10 airlines and service to 47 cities. There are 40-plus non-stops coming in and out of here every day. It’s incredibly convenient. In a couple of weeks I’m heading to New York City, an hour and 54 minutes non-stop from here to LaGuardia. Couple of weeks after that, non-stop both ways to Dallas. This is one heck of an airport, folks.

As a long-time touring professional and golf broadcaster, I figure I’ve probably flown about two and a half million commercial miles, and I’m going to tell you one thing I cannot stand is the rental car shuttle. So when you come into Myrtle Beach International, you grab the bags right there off the carousels, you head to the door, and what do you see? This. And it’s a beautiful sight. That’s the rental cars right there. And I don’t need any stinking shuttle to take me over there. So at Myrtle Beach International, you can get your clubs and get to your rental car, and get to the first tee faster than you can get to your rental car at any other airport.

I’m Charlie Rymer in my hometown, Myrtle Beach, where we’ve got something for everybody!