As Seen on ESPN: “The Charlie Rymer Golf Show” Season 2, Episode 12 with Edwin McCain

Billboard Top 40 recording artist Edwin McCain is “Ridin’ with Rymer” at Willbrook Plantation Golf Club in Pawleys Island, talking golf and music and even offering a special acoustic performance for this episode of “The Charlie Rymer Golf Show”!

NBA superstar Steph Curry also checks in from the American Century Celebrity Championship, offering his memories of golfing in Myrtle Beach with his dad, former NBA great Dell Curry. Later, Charlie’s chatting it up with Saintnine USA’s Dwight Hansen to discuss the innovative features of Saintnine’s golf ball products, then inviting visiting golfers to put them to the test in the “Saintnine Challenge” at Pawleys Plantation Golf & Country Club.




Announcer (00:03):

The Charlie Rymer Golf Show starring Charlie Rymer. Hey, okay, let’s pick up the tempo.

Charlie Rymer (00:12):

Charlie Rymer here, and welcome to my new show where we do things my way. As a former golf pro and a media personality, I know golf. This isn’t going to be your grandfather’s golf show. I’m bringing you conversations with celebs and golf greats, getting off the course and out on the water, and even getting into some good eats. This is The Charlie Rymer Golf Show. Keep it in the fairway, folks.


Today I’m at Willbrook Plantation way down on the south end of Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, and I’m hanging out with my good pal, singer songwriter, Edwin McCain. I’m Charlie Rymer and this is Ridin’ With Rymer.


So Ed, when I grew up in Fort Mill, South Carolina, I graduated Fort Mill High School in 1986. You were born and raised in Greenville, South Carolina, and so both of us love this state. And the thing I wanted to talk to you about is, mostly just because I’m curious about it, I love music. My aptitude on a scale of one to 10 is zero. So I remember in the sixth grade at A.O. Jones Middle School in Fort Mill, South Carolina, everybody in the sixth grade went into the auditorium and the band director and the co-band director did this test where you clap on beat and you do a few things, right? And there’s like three kids in the entire sixth grade that were not invited to join the band and I’m one of the three. I mean, I have zero aptitude, but a hundred percent appreciation.

Edwin McCain (01:57):

Well, I feel the same way about golf so I think we’re in good company. I’m amazed at great golfers. I’m so bad at golf, but I can play music.

Charlie Rymer (02:11):

I’ve seen you play a lot of golf. I think we’ve played a few holes together, but I’ve seen you play a lot and I’m thinking some middle school in Greenville, South Carolina, the golf coach had an audition and gave everybody a golf club and everybody but you got invited.

Edwin McCain (02:27):

That’s a hundred percent true.

Charlie Rymer (02:28):

Because I mean, I love you but you suck at golf.

Edwin McCain (02:30):

Yeah, I suck. It’s golf, yeah. No, for a while there at every celebrity pro-am I was like, “Can you put me with Barkley please? Can you just put me with Barkley because that way my swing won’t look quite as crazy?”

Charlie Rymer (02:41):

All right, Edwin. I got some great golf for you today. This is Willbrook Plantation, Pawleys Island, South Carolina, way down on the bottom end of Myrtle Beach. We got a hole we’re going to start you on here. About 200 yard carry to get over that pond to the fairway and I’m betting-

Edwin McCain (02:58):

You got an-

Charlie Rymer (02:58):

… you might be lucky if you get to the pond.

Edwin McCain (03:00):

You got an extra sleeve?

Charlie Rymer (03:01):

Oh, I got plenty of Saintnine’s. We’re not going to run out.

Edwin McCain (03:04):

Oh, good. Oh, good.

Charlie Rymer (03:05):

These float too.

Edwin McCain (03:06):

Listen, I always like to play with really nice expensive balls because people get excited when they find them in the woods.

Charlie Rymer (03:12):

I think you’re going to stripe at about 305 right down the middle. Are you feeling it?

Edwin McCain (03:16):

I’m feeling it.

Charlie Rymer (03:17):

All right, let’s see it.

Edwin McCain (03:18):

I’m feeling it. Let’s see what we got.

Charlie Rymer (03:24):

Well, the good thing is you missed the water to the right.

Edwin McCain (03:28):

Good thing there’s no houses over there. That’s like gone. That’s my classic move right there.

Charlie Rymer (03:34):

You know, I don’t think there’s really any way I can fix that. Let’s go find something to do that you’re a little better at. How about that?

Edwin McCain (03:39):

Let’s do something better, let’s do something else. Yeah, no, and what’s so crazy is I love golf. Every business deal I’ve ever done, my friendships revolve around it, because if you spend time with somebody on a golf course, you’ll know who they are as a person.

Charlie Rymer (04:02):

Right, because what else are you going to do for four and a half hours with somebody? You going to go on a fun run?

Edwin McCain (04:05):

No, you know what I mean? You can totally understand how people handle adversity or if they have a good sense of humor. I mean, all that stuff comes out on a golf course.

Charlie Rymer (04:16):

Most of the meaningful relationships that I have in my life have somehow, some way been tied into golf, and most all business is tied into it. And I think that’s why a ton of golfers, they want to get young people involved in golf because they see the doors that it can open for them and the relationships that they can make and that, to me, is the coolest thing about golf is just it brings people together. So Edwin, tell me about this guitar that you’re holding.

Edwin McCain (04:49):

So it’s made by a guy in Charlotte named Gray Burchett but what’s interesting is that the wood is mahogany that Johnny Cash smuggled out of Jamaica in 1971. It was sitting in a barn in Nashville and a friend of mine called me and said, “I got a line in on this mahogany. We’re going to build some guitars out of it. Do you want one?” “Yes, yes, I do.”

Charlie Rymer (05:19):

Well, I got to tell you one thing. You sure look a lot more comfortable with that guitar than you did with that driver out on the golf course at Willbrook today.

Edwin McCain (05:27):

I could probably hit it farther with this guitar, too, honestly.

Charlie Rymer (05:31):

Well, you know my favorite song is Gramercy Park. Will you do me the honor?



Edwin McCain (05:34):

Good shot.



Charlie Rymer (08:25):

Edwin McCain, ladies and gentlemen. I think that works a little better than the driver.

Edwin McCain (08:27):

Yeah, let’s just put that away.

Charlie Rymer (08:43):

Welcome back to The Charlie Rymer Golf Show. We recently had a chance to catch up with some good friends at the American Century Celebrity Championship in Lake Tahoe. Let’s see what Steph Curry has to say about my hometown. Steph, rumor has it you have a hole in one in Myrtle Beach. Is that true?

Steph Curry (09:03):

That is not true. I only have one hole in one. It’s at Half Moon Bay out in Half Moon Bay, California. But I’ve played plenty of golf in Myrtle Beach. It’s the first place I actually beat my dad when I was 13, though, so a lot of memories in Myrtle Beach though.

Dell Curry (09:19):

It was my birthday. It was on my birthday. Yeah, he left that out. On my birthday when he was 13, but it was the oldest course in Myrtle Beach. The Granddaddy, yeah, yeah, that’s it. Yep, me and my two sons kind of grew up learning golf at the same time so that’s why we enjoy it so much as a group, but he’s not learned golf from me, no.

Charlie Rymer (09:41):


Dell Curry (09:42):

All right.

Charlie Rymer (09:42):

Thank you.

Dell Curry (09:43):

Thanks, guys.

Charlie Rymer (09:49):

Up next, let’s stop by the World Am where 3,000 golfers compete on over 50 of Myrtle Beach’s best courses. This is the biggest, most fun golf tournament on the entire planet, folks. Let’s meet some of the competitors.

Jim Dupont, Jr. (10:06):

For the past 25 years that I’ve played in this tournament, I get to spend the time with him so it’s memories, which is what it’s all about for me right now.

James Dupont, Sr. (10:16):

My name is James DuPont, Sr. My handicap is 9. I’m 74 years old.

Jim Dupont, Jr. (10:22):

My name’s Jim DuPont, Jr. and I’m 48 years old and my handicap right now is 3.4. I’ve been playing golf for 42 years and it was pretty much introduced to me by him. My younger brother, my mother, all of us just have the golf bug and it’s an addiction.

James Dupont, Sr. (10:42):

And between both of us, we got 56 years down here and we did win the father/son, the inner tournament within the tournament. Two years ago we ended up winning that. Biggest thing is is, you know, pop might be getting older but every now and then pop can still kick their fanny, so you know what? I’m going to try that until the day I’m not here.

Jim Dupont, Jr. (11:04):

It does become a tradition and I look forward to it every year just spending the time with him and close friends and just enjoying ourselves.

James Dupont, Sr. (11:18):

31 years down here, I’ve met a lot of nice people that aren’t just golfing buddies. They’ve become friends. Every time you tee it up, you’re trying to hammer each other. And I would say to anybody, you should play in one World Amateur. You’re going to want to come back because that’s how much fun it is. Myrtle Beach, man.

Jim Dupont, Jr. (11:37):

Myrtle Beach.

Charlie Rymer (11:58):

Up next, we’re going to dig into the most important piece of equipment for any golfer, the golf ball. Let’s break it down. I’m with my friend Dwight Hansen from Saintnine and Dwight, the golf ball is the most important part of any golfer’s equipment. What should most golfers consider when they’re choosing the best golf ball for them to play?

Dwight Hansen (12:21):

Well, Charlie, you’re right. The golf ball market really is overcrowded. There’s so much out there.

Charlie Rymer (12:26):

It’s confusing.

Dwight Hansen (12:27):

It’s very confusing and at Saintnine, we’ve tried to kind of simplify it a little bit. We’ve created three great tour-quality products that kind of fill all of the different skill levels and abilities so that any golfer, whether you’re a tour professional down to a beginner, can find a Saintnine ball that they can play with.


The first one in the Saintnine line is our ever popular U-Pro. The U-Pro is a two-piece urethane. It’s the only two-piece urethane in golf, as a matter of fact, and it’s great because you get the benefits of a two-piece ball, which are added distance and more accuracy, more consistency, but you also get the benefits of urethane, which we all know because we love the feel of urethane.

Charlie Rymer (13:06):

It feels so good.

Dwight Hansen (13:08):

Exactly, and you feel like you have a little more control with a urethane golf ball. So from there we go for the better player, the U-Pro Tour. We call it U-Pro Tour for a reason because it’s tour caliber. And it’s a three-piece urethane so you’re still getting a lot of the benefits from the U-Pro ball, but that third extra layer just gives you that much more feel and spin. This is a ball for people who want more spin, who need more spin, and who can actually benefit from more spin so, i.e., the better player.

Charlie Rymer (13:38):

This is your third product, Misty. It looks like fun.

Dwight Hansen (13:41):

It’s a three-piece ionomer ball that is just filled with this beautiful matte finish and we make it in four great colors. It’s about fun. Let’s have more fun in our game.

Charlie Rymer (13:51):

Well, Dwight, as always, great spending time with you. Now let’s get out on the golf courses here in Myrtle Beach and get some Saintnine golf balls in the hands of some golfers and have a lot of fun doing it.


We’re on the south end of Myrtle Beach, South Carolina at Pawleys Plantation and it’s time now for the Saintnine Challenge. All right, Stop. How you guys doing?

Jim (14:27):


Charlie Rymer (14:28):

I’m Charlie Rymer.

Jim (14:29):

I’m Jim.

Charlie Rymer (14:29):

Nice to see you, Jim. How are you?

Laura (14:31):

Hi, Charlie. I’m Laura.

Charlie Rymer (14:32):

Nice to see you.

Ralph (14:33):

Hey, Charlie, I’m Ralph.

Charlie Rymer (14:34):

Hey, Ralph. How are you? Nice to see you. All right, so here’s the deal. We’re having the Saintnine challenge, and I need one of you to step up to the plate and we’re going to hit this power flop right here. And whoever steps up to the plate gets a dozen Saintnines for free and if you get it inside, I mean you get another dozen for free. So who’s my volunteer?

Jim (14:54):

I’m going to do it.

Charlie Rymer (14:55):

You’re all in.

Jim (14:55):

I’m in.

Charlie Rymer (14:56):

You got a good flop game.

Jim (14:57):

Nah, I got a short game.

Charlie Rymer (14:58):

Okay, well let’s get it. We got about 50 yards of nothing but water right here. You ready, Jim?

Jim (15:03):

No problem.

Charlie Rymer (15:04):

Okay, you go first and then I’ll see if I can get inside of you. So what is this? You think about 50 yards, something like that?

Jim (15:11):

I’m going to dial it up for 50 yards, right on.

Charlie Rymer (15:13):

50 yards, okay.

Jim (15:14):

Into the wind though.

Charlie Rymer (15:15):

Into the wind. Now then I don’t want to put any pressure on you in front of your friends and all that, but if you hit a good shot, it’s probably not going to make TV but if you hit a bad shot it’s definitely going to make TV.

Jim (15:26):

I’ll see if I can hold up my end.

Charlie Rymer (15:28):

Okay, all right. Don’t be nervous or anything. It’s not like we’re live with these TV cameras.

Jim (15:32):

Yeah, that’s good. That’s a good thing.

Charlie Rymer (15:34):

Okay. 51 yards.

Jim (15:37):

All right.

Speaker X (15:37):

Into the wind.

Charlie Rymer (15:40):

Giddy up, giddy up.

Laura (15:43):

Oh, no.

Speaker X (15:43):

You made TV, Jim.

Charlie Rymer (15:45):

I got to tell you. Jim, that might have gone in the water, but it was right on line. Did you see that?

Jim (15:50):

That’s great.

Charlie Rymer (15:50):

It was all over the flag stick. All right, let me see what I can do. I haven’t hit any balls in a while. Maybe I can get a little closer than you just like that. Go in.

Speaker X (16:05):

In the hole.

Charlie Rymer (16:07):

Oh, I pulled it. You see that? I pulled it a little bit. You’re going to like these Saintnine golf balls, but I got to tell you after seeing that one, the one thing you need to keep in mind, they’re really good balls but, Jim, they don’t float. Thank you.

Jim (16:18):

Thank you so much. Appreciate it.

Laura (16:22):

Thank you.

Charlie Rymer (16:25):

You know what my favorite thing to do is? Giving away Saintnine golf balls. The only problem is I don’t think there’s anybody out here good enough to beat me. Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. Are you guys ready for the Saintnine challenge?

Speaker 13 (16:40):


Speaker 14 (16:40):

Let’s do it.

Charlie Rymer (16:41):

All right. I need one volunteer, one fearless volunteer. Who’s going to do it?

Speaker 14 (16:45):

Leroy, you won honors on that last hole?

Speaker 13 (16:47):

Leroy, Leroy.

Leroy (16:47):

All right, I’ll do it. [inaudible 00:16:49].

Charlie Rymer (16:49):

Leroy, are you in?

Leroy (16:50):

Yes, sir.

Charlie Rymer (16:50):

Grab your putter. We got a putting contest and all of y’all come over here because when he hits a bad putt and I beat him, y’all need to make fun of him, all right?

Speaker 13 (16:57):


Charlie Rymer (16:59):

All right, let’s go.

Leroy (16:59):

Let’s do it.

Charlie Rymer (17:00):

All right, come on guys. All right, here’s the deal. Leroy, since you volunteered, win, lose or draw, you get a dozen Saintnines. This is going to be our tee markers and if you hit a better putt than me, which is very unlikely, you get a second dozen Saintnines.

Leroy (17:17):


Charlie Rymer (17:19):

All right, so you’re on the tee. It’s the craziest putt I could find. You looked a little crazy anyway, so you ought to be up for this.

Leroy (17:27):

Wow. Okay.

Charlie Rymer (17:28):

Guys, can he putt at all?

Speaker 13 (17:29):

He can.

Speaker 14 (17:29):

He can.

Speaker 13 (17:30):

He can.

Charlie Rymer (17:30):

So I picked the wrong guy, then.

Speaker 13 (17:31):

He’s the ringer.

Speaker X (17:31):

You’re in trouble.

Speaker 13 (17:32):

He’s the ringer.

Charlie Rymer (17:33):

Okay, yeah, because he doesn’t look like he could putt at all. I’m just saying. You always putt cross handed or just when TV cameras are around?

Leroy (17:42):

I always do.

Charlie Rymer (17:45):

There we go. Get up over the hump.

Leroy (17:47):

Down there.

Charlie Rymer (17:49):

You can spin that anyway you want but that was horrible.

Speaker X (17:54):

That was bad. That was bad.

Charlie Rymer (17:54):

All right, I better do better now. All right, let’s see what we got.

Speaker X (17:58):

Uh-oh. That’s [inaudible 00:18:06].

Charlie Rymer (18:05):

Giddy up.

Speaker X (18:05):

That’s going to swirl up.

Charlie Rymer (18:06):

Oh, no. Oh, no.

Speaker X (18:06):

Atta boy, Leroy.

Charlie Rymer (18:12):

I finally made too much fun of you. Here’s one dozen.

Leroy (18:14):

Thank you.

Charlie Rymer (18:15):

Here’s two dozen. I appreciate it. Good playing.

Leroy (18:18):

It’s a pleasure. Yeah, thank you.

Charlie Rymer (18:19):

Yeah, appreciate you participating in the Saintnine Challenge.

Leroy (18:22):

Hey, thank you very much.

Charlie Rymer (18:23):

Next time you don’t have to beat me, though.

Speaker X (18:27):

It was a pleasure.

Charlie Rymer (18:27):

Thank you guys. Appreciate it. All right. Hope you’ve enjoyed your time here at Myrtle Beach. Appreciate it. Thanks again, buddy. Well, I met my match in that one. I can’t believe that guy beat me. All right. Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. Y’all come on in. I got something for you.

Jeff (18:43):

All right.

Charlie Rymer (18:45):

I’m Charlie.

Jeff (18:45):

Hey, Charlie. I’m Jeff.

Charlie Rymer (18:47):


John (18:47):


Charlie Rymer (18:48):


Krista (18:49):


Charlie Rymer (18:49):

Hey, Krista.

Krista (18:50):


Bella (18:51):


Charlie Rymer (18:51):

Hey, Bella. How you doing?

Bella (18:53):

Doing well. How are you?

Charlie Rymer (18:53):

Hi, I’m great, thank you. Here’s the deal. We’re going to do the Saintnine Challenge and what I’m looking for is one volunteer, and if you volunteer, you get a dozen balls automatically. And then we’re going to have a challenge. If you beat me, which probably ain’t going to happen, you win another dozen golf balls. So we’re going to do the toughest shot in golf, the long bunker shot.

Jeff (19:15):

Uh-oh, all right.

Charlie Rymer (19:16):

Yeah, you don’t look like you’ve spent much time in the bunker today.

Jeff (19:19):

Yeah, you don’t know me very well.

Charlie Rymer (19:21):

All right, let’s go. Come on.

Jeff (19:22):

All right.

Charlie Rymer (19:23):

All right, here’s the deal. These balls are the tee markers. You can put it wherever you want between these tee markers right here. Closest to hole. You already won a dozen balls. You ever skulled one of these with cameras rolling?

Jeff (19:37):

A million times, a million times.

Charlie Rymer (19:38):

All right, let’s see it.

Jeff (19:39):

But if I skull it, you’re not going to put it on the shows.

Charlie Rymer (19:42):

Yeah, we are. That’s pretty good right there.

Speaker X (19:50):

Well done.

Charlie Rymer (19:50):

Oh, you got me [inaudible 00:19:54]. I got to pay attention. All right, let’s see what we get. Uh-oh, uh-oh.

Speaker X (20:02):

Oh, he’s burning up.


There you go.

Charlie Rymer (20:07):

I got a little more practice at that than you do. There’s one dozen for you. Thank you very much. Appreciate you taking on the Saintnine Challenge.

Jeff (20:13):

Thank you.

Charlie Rymer (20:13):

All right, you got it.

Bella (20:15):

All right, thank you.

Charlie Rymer (20:15):

Appreciate it. Y’all have a great time. Thank you.

Krista (20:17):

Nice meeting you.

Charlie Rymer (20:18):

All right, appreciate it.

John (20:19):

Thank you.

Charlie Rymer (20:19):

Thanks. The more people I beat, the more golf balls I have to give away. Always remember folks, it’s hard to hold back talent.


Looks like the sun’s getting low. Time to wrap up this show. My high school coach always said, “Ain’t nobody dumber than people.” Oftentimes we don’t realize what we’ve got until we don’t have it anymore. Here’s a friendly reminder. None of us are getting out of here alive so live today like it’s your last, and live it on a golf course with people you want to be with. Hope you’ve enjoyed The Charlie Rymer Golf Show. Keep it in the fairway, folks.

Edwin McCain (21:21):

It’s the foundation for a lot of really great friendships.

Audio (21:23):

Make sure you don’t get too far ahead.

Charlie Rymer (21:26):

I’m going to turn… Watch this. So the idea on this show is I’m talking to Edwin, right? And when y’all start yelling at me on this radio, people can’t hear Edwin. They hear whoever’s yelling on the radio so I’m going to turn the radio off. Is that all right, or better than that…

Edwin McCain (21:44):

Oh, there you go.

Charlie Rymer (21:47):

We’re down one radio, boys.

Crew (21:51):

How’s it feel to be Charlie Rymer?

Charlie Rymer (21:53):

I don’t know. Feel me and see. I can’t believe that guy beat me. I’m going to go pull his underwear up his butt crack. Looks like the sun’s getting low. Time to wrap up this show. See what I did there? It rhymed. Sun getting low, wrap up the show, poet and don’t know it. That’s me. There was a man from Nantucket… I better not record that one.