As Seen on ESPN2 – “The Charlie Rymer Golf Show” Season 2, Episode 13: The Stars Come Out for the Season Finale

What do Gary Player, Sir Nick Faldo, Charles Kelley, Mark Bryan, John Daly, Anthony Anderson, and Dustin Johnson all have in common? They’re joining “The Big Timer” for the Season 2 finale of “The Charlie Rymer Golf Show”!

Enjoy the episode!




Speaker 1 (00:02):

The Charlie Rymer Golf Show, starring Charlie Rymer. Hey, okay. Let’s pick up the tempo.

Charlie Rymer (00:12):

Charlie Rymer here, and welcome to my new show, where we do things my way. As a former golf pro and media personality, I know golf. But this isn’t going to be your grandfather’s golf show. I’m bringing you conversations with celebs, and golf greats, getting off the course and out on the water, and even getting into some good eats.


This is the Charlie Rymer Golf Show. Keep it in the fairway, folks.


Strap in, folks. We’ve got an hour of golf, laughs, and good times in Myrtle Beach, coming your way. First up, it’s the inaugural Project Golf 18 for 18. Nine-time major champion Gary Player teams up with Grammy award-winning musician, Charles Kelley of Lady A, to take on six time major champion, Nick Faldo, and Mark Bryan of Hootie and the Blowfish. These superstars are facing off at The Dunes Golf and Beach Club, in Myrtle Beach, to raise money for Project Golf, an organization dedicated to growing the game through outreach to America’s military veterans, junior golfers, and underrepresented communities.


Good morning everybody. It’s so great to be here at The Dunes Golf and Beach Club. This is the inaugural Project Golf 18 for 18. We’ve got this contest today, over 18 holes. The two, two-man scramble. They’re going to be playing for a wonderful trophy. Along the way, we’re going to have some special prizes on each hole. I’m going to be messing with them the best I can, I can tell you that too. Now on the tee, Mr. Gary Player. Mr. Nick Faldo. Charles Kelley.

Charles Kelley (02:06):

Glad I didn’t top in that water like Mark’s going to do.


Great shot.

Nick Faldo (02:21):

Shot. Nice. Look, it’s holding. Need to hold it for [inaudible 00:02:33]

Gary Player (02:32):

You son of a gun. I thought you were spending time with singing, you’d be on the golf course, man.

Nick Faldo (02:36):

Ladies and gentlemen, the greatest bunker player on planet Earth.


The sound of that.

Mark Bryan (02:43):

Why do you have that? You do that to me. Do you have to do? Oh my God. Oh my God. Oh my God. Oh my God. Oh my God. Yes.


Holy Moly. I had the best bunker shot of my life and you had to do that to me.

Nick Faldo (03:07):


Charlie Rymer (03:14):

Oh my God.

Gary Player (03:19):

Are you crazy? Those are good at my club.


He’s playing with my money. You know what I mean?

Nick Faldo (03:26):

The hell of a hat they get.

Charlie Rymer (03:30):

Here we go. Here was a Dustin Johnson signed Masters flag. Because Mark and Sir Nick choked on that putt nobody won the hole.

Mark Bryan (03:39):

That that’s how much we wanted it.

Charlie Rymer (03:43):

How about a chance to support Project Golf? Anyone interested in a nice bid on this flag?

Charles Kelley (03:49):

I am. Thousand dollars.

Charlie Rymer (03:51):

Thousand dollars.

Nick Faldo (03:52):

Oh, well that’s great.

Charlie Rymer (03:54):

  1. $1,500.

Charles Kelley (03:55):

I want two.

Charlie Rymer (03:57):

2000 for Charles Kelly.

Gary Player (03:58):

I want Gary and Nick to both sign it too.

Nick Faldo (04:00):

Yeah, we got to do that.

Charlie Rymer (04:00):

For 2000.

Gary Player (04:01):

  1. They both signed it.

Charlie Rymer (04:04):

  1. Sold to Charles Kelly for 3000.

Gary Player (04:06):

This is the guy you want to be married to, man.

Nick Faldo (04:17):


Mark Bryan (04:18):


Charles Kelley (04:20):

Somebody find a guitar. Mark and I will sing something.

Mark Bryan (04:26):

Pretty good.

Nick Faldo (04:27):


Mark Bryan (04:27):

I got it going a little that way.

Nick Faldo (04:29):

Yeah, he’s definitely going to go.

Mark Bryan (04:30):



Yes sir.

Nick Faldo (04:41):

Better. So don’t tell me we want a Dustin Johnson flag for that. I mean.

Gary Player (04:51):

Oh man, what a drive.

Nick Faldo (05:00):

How do I get you to play soft notes?

Gary Player (05:08):

That’s good. Speed right there, Nick. Right there.

Nick Faldo (05:10):

Lousy line.


So now you can have your Pete Townsend stroke. Okay, Pete Townsend. Whoa.

Charles Kelley (05:18):

Miss it. Miss it.

Mark Bryan (05:19):


Charlie Rymer (05:23):

All right ladies and gentlemen, here’s the deal. Through five holes, this match is even. I want these players really motivated on this sixth hole. So what we’re going to do is the losing team, I’m going to be taking over their social media accounts for a day. And even Gary Player at his advanced age knows what social media is. Don’t you, Mr. Player?

Gary Player (05:45):

I think I do.

Charlie Rymer (05:47):

Here’s what you know. You don’t want me tweeting for you for a whole day.

Gary Player (05:52):

No sir. No sir.

Charlie Rymer (05:54):

Now that is some motivation. Good luck, gentlemen.

Nick Faldo (05:58):

Guess what? It’s going to be a tie, this hole.

Mark Bryan (06:04):

Boom. Oh my goodness. Cut.

Nick Faldo (06:10):

Well, it’s about that Bryson line over the-

Charlie Rymer (06:12):

Wow. You really are scared, aren’t you?

Charles Kelley (06:15):

And not my best effort. I must really want Charlie to speak for me on social media. Geez.

Charlie Rymer (06:24):

I’m just glad you can play and sing.

Mark Bryan (06:28):

Oh, buddy.

Charles Kelley (06:29):

That’s so good. Nice. So good. Great drive. Nick.

Nick Faldo (06:35):

105, right? This is it. We’re going to hold this one.

Charles Kelley (06:37):

Hell yeah.

Charlie Rymer (06:38):

Mr. Player, you really don’t want me to take over your social media account. You know that, right?

Gary Player (06:43):

That’s why I’m trying like hell.

Charlie Rymer (06:49):

Charles, this is a really tough angle. I mean, does that intimidate you? Are you in, you’re 56?

Charles Kelley (06:55):

Yeah. I don’t hit it as long as you, Charlie.

Charlie Rymer (06:58):

You ever hit that 56 out of the rough? You ever hit like fat?

Gary Player (07:02):

Hey. Hey, don’t put my man off.

Charlie Rymer (07:09):

I guess not.

Gary Player (07:13):

Good shot. Oh and under.

Charles Kelley (07:19):

That’s better. Get up.

Gary Player (07:21):

Get there.

Charles Kelley (07:21):

Get there.

Gary Player (07:21):

Get there.

Charles Kelley (07:30):

Not bad.

Mark Bryan (07:30):

Nice shot.

Nick Faldo (07:30):

I see, right? That’s pretty good.

Charles Kelley (07:34):

That’s why he is Gary Player. Is that why you did this for a living?

Gary Player (07:43):

I got a lot of kids to feed, boy.

Charles Kelley (07:47):

God, look at his speed is so perfect. Always. The speed is so perfect.

Charlie Rymer (07:50):

Oh my goodness. So ladies and gentlemen, that hole is halved. I will be taking over all four social media accounts next Tuesday.

Speaker 1 (08:00):

We’ll be right back. Stick around for more of the Charlie Rymer Golf Show.


Welcome back to the Project Golf, 18 for 18 on the Charlie Rymer Golf Show. Let’s get back into the fun.

Charlie Rymer (08:24):

All Right, everybody. Y’all having a great time today?

Mark Bryan (08:27):

(Everyone) Yeah. [applause]

Charlie Rymer (08:28):

So we’re going to reset a little bit. The match through eight holes, Mark and Nick are two up. What I want to do is let everybody know why we’re here today. 18 for 18 is raising money for Project Golf. An amazing foundation here in Myrtle Beach is based out of Barefoot, that provides tremendous services for vets. And a lot of our vets are here today, guys, and they’re having a great time coming out. Thank you for your service.


What our competitors don’t know, is that closest to the hole here and it’s going to put a lot of pressure on them, wins two tickets to the PGA Championship for their caddy.

Mark Bryan (09:13):

He’s like, I’m bringing my wife. No, it’s me.

Charlie Rymer (09:16):

Gentlemen. Play away.

Mark Bryan (09:21):




Nick Faldo (09:22):


Charles Kelley (09:24):

Just over swinging guys.

Charlie Rymer (09:25):

El Toro, you’re going have to watch the PGA Championship on television.

Nick Faldo (09:35):

Ah, ugly. Ugly.

Mark Bryan (09:42):

My man, my man.

Nick Faldo (09:43):

Get in the hole, baby.

Mark Bryan (09:44):

My man. Get in the hole.

Charles Kelley (09:44):

He did the McJagger.

Nick Faldo (09:56):

Hey, wow. You put the music on. I’ll show you a few moves, baby.

Mark Bryan (10:00):


Charles Kelley (10:03):

Oh man, this is fun.

Gary Player (10:09):

Lovely and delicate.

Charlie Rymer (10:11):

Mr. Player. You won the tickets for Chris Aranda, a vet, joined the Army back in 1984. Served in a number of overseas tours, including Korea, Panama, Hawaii. Served in combat in Iraq. Chris, you rock buddy.

Charles Kelley (10:29):

That’s awesome.

Charlie Rymer (10:31):

You rock.

Chris Aranda – US Army Vet (10:34):

Just being out here today and us taking care of our veterans and seeing the community come out and supporting our veterans. Because it’s a win-win for everybody. So truly appreciate it.

Charlie Rymer (10:42):

Through nine holes, Sir Nick Faldo and Mark Bryan are one up over Charles Kelly and Gary Player. We have a special treat for you. It’s time for a little entertainment. I believe we have a musical instrument, right?

Gary Player (11:00):

You know the song. Don’t let the old man in.

Mark Bryan (11:02):

Well, I won’t back down, no I won’t back down. In a world that keeps on pushing me around, but I’ll stand my ground.


Let, if it eases all pain, let her go. Let her walk right out on me. If Sun comes up tomorrow, let her be let be. And I want, I want let is there’s, so we, Gary, right here. The one final, final note. There you go. Letter.

Gary Player (11:41):

  1. [singing]

Mark Bryan (11:41):

Wow. Can you tell we haven’t done this in a year and a half?

Nick Faldo (11:57):

A telegram from Elvis Presley.

Charles Kelley (11:59):

Come on.

Nick Faldo (11:59):

He says, I want to meet you. I said, I want to meet you, King. So I’m in Los Angeles, I go down there, do movie called Hawaii. He says, “I want to play golf.”


Give me your club.


He had a grip, looked like a cow giving birth to a roll of barbed wire. So I get his grip right? He says, “What do I do?” I said, “Elvis, you’ve got to learn to wind up and unwind your hips.” He said, “Oh, well baby, you talking to the right man.”

Charles Kelley (12:21):

That’s a great story.



Speaker 1 (12:39):

More of the Charlie Rymer Golf Show when we get back. Stick around folks.

Charlie Rymer (12:56):

All right folks, we’ve got a lot of controversy here, but we’ve decided that the match is even. We’re thrilled to be at the signature hole here at The Dunes Golf and Beach Club. We got a few more holes left to play, and this things will go right down to the wire. Everybody here, our professionals and our celebrities. What’d y’all do with Mr. Player?

Nick Faldo (13:15):

He’s too busy telling stories. Look at him.

Charlie Rymer (13:17):

Come on, Gary. We’ll get him back to you in a minute.

Gary Player (13:21):

I know, you’re the ones who do the talking. I’m resting here.

Charlie Rymer (13:23):

I was just explaining that all four of you have a big heart for charity. You’ve done huge things all across the world. The winners of this hole, the winning team gets to make a special request of the losing team to help with a donation, maybe an appearance. Whatever you guys can work out. Have at it, gentlemen.

Nick Faldo (13:45):

Whoa. Look at Gary.

Gary Player (13:48):

I’m going to carve this.

Nick Faldo (13:50):

You sure will.

Gary Player (13:51):

This is going to carve like a Turkey. You watch this.


Hit that little stake on the feeling? You see it?

Charles Kelley (14:05):


Gary Player (14:09):

There we go.

Charles Kelley (14:12):


Nick Faldo (14:15):

Oh my goodness. What’s this green do? Does it go-

Mark Bryan (14:19):

Pretty flat as I see it, Nick.

Nick Faldo (14:21):

Just like you sang on the tenth tee.

Charles Kelley (14:23):

Oh my God. Now, now that’s fighting words. That fighting words.

Nick Faldo (14:30):

Missed. Damn it.


Oh, Peter one baby. Oh, that’s going to, that’s really going to annoy him.

Mark Bryan (14:47):

Oh, wow.

Nick Faldo (14:47):

Yeah. Had it.

Charles Kelley (14:47):

Look at that. Perfect. Look at this golf shot.


Nice shot. Gary Player.

Nick Faldo (14:54):

Just, just to help you, just point the fricking North at the hole. That’s a two shot penalty is a lineman aid.

Charles Kelley (15:06):

All right. This is for Gary Player.

Gary Player (15:10):

Oh my goodness me. Come down, come down. Come down.


Hey, what a shot.

Charles Kelley (15:19):

That’s fun. I love talking to Nick Faldo.


That’s in the hole. That’s in the hole. I’ll pick it up.

Mark Bryan (15:39):



That’s good. How about that?

Charlie Rymer (15:45):

All right, folks. It comes down to this, the 18th hole. It’s hard to believe that we got all square to 18. So play it away, Gary Player.

Charles Kelley (16:06):

I feel like we got to, I mean, it’s even going the last hole. I feel like we got to amp it up. Do a little something on the line.

Nick Faldo (16:10):

If you lose, you’ve got to have Faldo Formula tattooed on your-

Charles Kelley (16:17):

Yes, yes. I would love that.

Nick Faldo (16:18):

Yes. Right there.


Right there. What have we got there? Any space? Oh no. She’s a bloody flower.

Charles Kelley (16:24):

I would rather your face.

Nick Faldo (16:25):

You’d be right there. Faldo formula right there, baby.

Charles Kelley (16:30):

How about this? For two grand to the charity on this hole.

Nick Faldo (16:33):


Charles Kelley (16:33):

All right.

Nick Faldo (16:35):

But you are paying for everybody?

Charles Kelley (16:39):

No, you are. When you lose.

Gary Player (16:40):

You’re in the wrong business as singing businesses. Hell, I’ve been in the golf … You know what he said? He says, “Gary, when you have a crap day,” he says, “You don’t get paid.” He says, “When I have a bad night singing, I still get the same amount.”

Charles Kelley (16:54):

That’s true. I did say that. I did say that. All right. 2000 on this to charity.

Nick Faldo (16:59):

And no version.

Gary Player (17:06):

Whoa. That’s a good one. This man, that’s a good one.


Hey. Hey.

Mark Bryan (17:07):

Whoa. Hey. Wow.

Gary Player (17:11):

Hey, my man. That’s a golf swing, man.

Charles Kelley (17:16):

Low and slow.

Gary Player (17:18):

Yeah. Oh no. Oh buddy.

Nick Faldo (17:21):

Got it.

Gary Player (17:22):

What’s wrong with that, Nick? Not your best, but it ain’t bad.



Mark Bryan (17:30):


Gary Player (17:32):

You know what they call the inside there?

Charles Kelley (17:33):

I don’t know, but it was great.

Gary Player (17:34):

Same as you call it here. Talent.

Mark Bryan (17:41):

Oh, moved. I felt myself slide. I’m putting.

Nick Faldo (17:51):

Damn it.

Mark Bryan (17:51):

Hold it.

Nick Faldo (17:53):

Stay there. Stay there.

Gary Player (17:56):

Hey guys. Thousand dollars. Can’t skip it across the water on the green.

Nick Faldo (18:01):

Oh. Hey, there we go.

Gary Player (18:04):

Give me one of your golf balls then.


It’s very wet down now. Okay.

Nick Faldo (18:10):

Oh, partner. Time for you to shine your Pete Townsend might be perfect here. Go. Go.

Gary Player (18:25):

Oh, you are right in. If you hit it when I need it. I didn’t do that time. You’d be short today.

Nick Faldo (18:31):

Where did that come from?

Gary Player (18:34):

How many times you been short today?

Charles Kelley (18:40):

Hey Gary, you ain’t got to laugh that hard. Jeez.

Gary Player (18:42):

It’s funny.

Charlie Rymer (18:51):

All right folks, this is for the match right here.

Charles Kelley (18:54):

Nick Faldo, can you pull the pin?

Nick Faldo (18:56):

Gosh. The Queen knighted me.

Charles Kelley (18:59):

Sir. Sir Nick Faldo. Sir Nick Faldo, can you pull my pin?

Charlie Rymer (19:06):

Line of the day?

Charles Kelley (19:08):

Never hated anybody as much as I hate Sir Nick Faldo right now.

Nick Faldo (19:22):

Oh hey, that is a hell of a putt, man. You nailed that putt.

Charles Kelley (19:28):

Sir Nick Faldo.

Nick Faldo (19:31):

Got there late but he shows up at the last minute.

Gary Player (19:36):

Thank you, Nick.

Charles Kelley (19:36):

I got it. I got it. That was too much fun. Oh, look at you guys. That was great.

Charlie Rymer (19:43):

So this is what golf is all about. We’ve all had a lot of fun, right? And we raised a lot of money for a great cause. Give it up for our winners. Dennis, will you do the honors?

Charles Kelley (19:55):

It was, it was a hard fought battle. I know how we did it.

Nick Faldo (19:59):

No, you hold it. You hold it.

Charlie Rymer (20:02):

Up next, I want to share one of my all-time favorite interviews in Myrtle Beach. So don’t flip that flippin’ flipper, folks. My interview with John Daly when we come back.


Today, I’m at TPC Myrtle Beach with a man that likes to grip it and rip it. I’m Charlie Rymer and this is Riding with Rymer. You know John Daly is coming here to play golf with me today.

Speaker 10 (20:45):

No way.

Charlie Rymer (20:45):

Today, right? He, John Daly is going to be here and he is going to play. I told you so. That’s right.



John Daly (20:54):

How you doing, buddy?

Charlie Rymer (20:55):

Give me some sugar, Big Daddy. How are you?

John Daly (20:58):

I probably got here before he did. I loaded us up. Got all the carts here.

Charlie Rymer (21:01):

You ready to roll, aren’t you?

John Daly (21:02):

Cleaned all the range balls? I’m ready. Let’s go.

Charlie Rymer (21:04):

Let’s get out. Never doubt me again. Let’s get after.

John Daly (21:08):

Let’s go baby. Huh?

Charlie Rymer (21:14):

Get some of that, JD.

John Daly (21:16):

How you doing, brother?

Speaker 10 (21:17):

Pleasure to meet you.

Charlie Rymer (21:18):

You never know who you going to run into in Myrtle Beach.

John Daly (21:22):

You’ve been practicing, kid.

Charlie Rymer (21:25):

So John, let’s go down memory lane a little bit and your PGA Championship win. There have been a few days passed between now and then, but when you think about that week winning the PGA Championship, what’s the first thing that comes to mind?

John Daly (21:43):

It’s hard to explain. It’s like it didn’t hit me until after. I think just thinking about all the hard work that I put in as a kid and everything. And I mean, going from green to tee, high fiving the fans every hole, and it started on the second round. Crooked Stick was a perfect golf course for me.

Charlie Rymer (22:01):

Right? So let’s move forward a few years winning The Open Championship at St. Andrews old course. The situation with Rocca there on 18. When you reflect on that, what comes to top of your mind?

John Daly (22:18):

My biggest dream was to win at St. Andrews. It was the dream of my life in golf. Why would a blue collar guy from America dream about only winning that one? Because their golf courses looked like my nine hole course I played on.


I learned to play on a baseball field. You see all that dirt come up when you get out of the fairways?

Charlie Rymer (22:37):


John Daly (22:38):

It’s thin grass. It was just the ultimate tournament that I’d ever won. And to do it at the home of golf, I remember Nicklaus saying it, you’ve won. If you’ve won at St. Andrew’s, you’re like, your golf career is complete. It’s cool. I don’t get the thousands anymore, but I get the ones that have followed my career and can relate. And that means just as much to me as teeing up anywhere else.

Charlie Rymer (23:02):

When fans watch golfers, they think everything is perfect all the time. And I think the average golf fan just doesn’t understand emotionally how challenging this game can be.

John Daly (23:17):

Mostly mentally, physically. I don’t think a fan understands that, okay, shot by shot, day by day. We worry more about other things in our life when we get older, we taking our medicine. Right?

Charlie Rymer (23:28):

You’re right.

John Daly (23:30):

What’s going to hurt you today? I mean, it’s injury after injury after injury, and it’s tough.

Charlie Rymer (23:37):

Yeah. Well, you’re going to make some bogies. You’re going to make some double bogies. And you made bogies and double bogies off and on the golf course. You’ve always been open and honest about what’s going on in your life.


Do you think that’s helped your relationship with the fans? Because fans still to this day, they love them some John Daly.

John Daly (23:54):

Well, I’ve been honest with them and I’ve been honest, you got to be honest with yourself. When you screw up, go ahead and admit you screwed up, man.

Charlie Rymer (24:01):


John Daly (24:01):

Get it out of your soul and your system. And now I’ve had thousands of people come up and say, “Man, I’ve had the same issues you’ve had. I’ve gone through this same thing.” I said, I always tell them, “Don’t be embarrassed to make mistakes in your life.” You just got to try and fix them.

Charlie Rymer (24:15):

You got to go on the next hole, right?

John Daly (24:16):

You got to go on the next hole. You got to just try and fix them. No matter whose heart you’ve broken or them breaking your heart, you got to somehow make amends to them and make amends to yourself first, because that’s the only way you’re going to get anything positive out of life.

Charlie Rymer (24:32):

All right, JD, we got basically an island green here. What do we got?

John Daly (24:35):

2 43.

Charlie Rymer (24:37):

Do you remember the Champions Tour?

John Daly (24:40):


Charlie Rymer (24:40):

Yeah. Let’s move on up a little bit.

John Daly (24:45):

You’re going on up.


Let me get my golf shoes on. There we go. Spikes need to change.

Charlie Rymer (24:54):

I think you got me J.

John Daly (24:55):

Let’s go to the bar.

Charlie Rymer (24:56):

You don’t even have to putt from there.

John Daly (24:57):

Those were two good shots

Charlie Rymer (24:59):

You’re right, they were.


Tell me maybe some things that you’ve done with Make-A-Wish. I know that’s a charity that’s very near and dear to your heart. No one ever talks about the good things that John Daly does.

John Daly (25:11):

Well, I did Make-A-Wish for 14 years. We had a miracle child, Lori, had spinal cancer. She was 16 when I met her, she had a year to live, not even. And she came through it in 2007. They announced her cancer free.

Charlie Rymer (25:24):

And literally throughout the course of your life and career, millions and millions and millions of dollars have been raised to help kids.

John Daly (25:33):

Yeah, I mean, wouldn’t put it this way, it’s more than I’ve won on tour.

Charlie Rymer (25:39):

But before the PGA Championship at Crooked Stick that you were playing in, what was then? I believe that that era was Nike tour. That you won a tournament and you’d spent some time that week over at the orphanage and before you left town, you basically left your whole check for that orphanage and this is before you had a dime. Is that a true story?

John Daly (25:58):

It was actually the first year on tour. It was Ted Grassi and I won his tournament and I gave the check back to Mr. Grassi. I don’t know, it just came out and it felt right and I said, “Just keep it.”

Charlie Rymer (26:11):

Well, I want to talk to you a little bit about your son, little John. We see him every year when you play in the father son in Orlando and got a lot of talent. He’s not a big talker, that’s for sure. But-

John Daly (26:23):

Nah, he’s into it. I mean, he loves it. It’s his very first tournament. He shot like 98 and it was one of his first ones. And he says, “Dad, I got to work on my forearm.” You’re looking at a six-year-old saying, “Dad, I need to work on my forearm.” And that’s when I knew that it was just into his soul and his blood. But he’s getting a lot of attention. He’s been playing great.

Charlie Rymer (26:45):

Have you thought much about how challenging it would be being the son of a legend?

John Daly (26:55):

Well, I ain’t the legend.

Charlie Rymer (26:57):

You’re legend.

John Daly (26:57):

I just tell my boy do everything opposite that I did and you’re going to win a lot of majors.

Charlie Rymer (27:03):

So why don’t you take the tee and I’m just going to blow it by you.

John Daly (27:06):

You should blow it by me. I’m on one leg.

Charlie Rymer (27:11):

Here’s my chance out drive John Daly. Get right, baby. I love this finishing hole here.

John Daly (27:20):

Oh, it’s beautiful.

Charlie Rymer (27:24):

Oh, I like that. JD.

John Daly (27:26):

Be the club, baby. Be the club.

Charlie Rymer (27:30):

Well, you might have got me with a long drive, but I think I might have got you with the approach?

John Daly (27:36):

That’s okay. I’ll make my putt.


Charlie, I can’t thank you enough for having me out TPC Myrtle Beach today, man. Anybody cancels? I’ll do another one with you.


Oh, I’ll give you that both.

Charlie Rymer (27:49):

That’s pretty generous. I’m going to make you putt that one.

John Daly (27:52):

All right, I’ll just do it one handed.


Yeah, so we tied this hole.

Charlie Rymer (27:58):

That really surprised me.


JD, as always, great hanging out with you buddy. Appreciate you coming to TPC Myrtle Beach and hanging out with us and Ridin’ with Rymer!

John Daly (28:08):

I enjoyed it buddy. You’re the best.

Charlie Rymer (28:11):

Let’s get on out here. We got a little rain coming. I’m going to let you buy me a hamburger for lunch.

John Daly (28:15):

I’ll buy you two because it looks like you’ve been eating a lot.

Charlie Rymer (28:19):

I’ll eat two.


I’m Charlie Rymer and you’re watching the Charlie Rymer Golf Show. We got plenty more great stuff coming your way. So if you change this channel, you’re a rotten egg.


Welcome back to the Charlie Rymer Golf Show. We recently had a chance to catch up with some good friends at the American Century Celebrity Championship in Lake Tahoe. It’s time for What’s in Your Bag.

Speaker 12 (29:01):

What’s in your bag, David?

David Wells (29:03):

The only thing good is the outside of the bag. Everything in here I can’t hit very good. So you know, got to represent TravisMathew. Man, you got to throw my name on there. What the hell that don’t mean? See, I can keep it down then. So clear. I use clear golf balls and then I put my foundation on it. So I might be the worst golfer out here, but at least I’m going to look good. You got to invite Boomer Charlie. So I need an invite for your event, so don’t be shy. You want bigger personality. Call me.

Wyatt – Larry the Cable Guy’s son (29:34):

So what I do is I have a list of things that I go through when I start playing again. It’s like posture’s number one. It’s very important. Making sure the left arm is locked, finish the swing, stay in the shot, and I put it in my bag and before I come out and play, I take a look at it. They’re little simple reminders and to me it makes the game a lot more fun because you have an opportunity to be able to start instead of from scratch.


You’re ahead of the game a little bit. Hey Charlie, where’s my invitation to Myrtle Beach to play golf with you? You’ve ignored me for so long that you gave me the lessons and you won’t let me show you what I’ve done with the lessons that you helped me with. So please invite me.

Larry the Cable Guy (30:18):

Man. Oh, Charlie. Yeah, we go way back. We were actually engaged in 1986 and then he just got the little cocky on it. I said, Charlie, you going to have to take my name if we get married. And then said, you didn’t want to do that. And I thought it’d be cool. Both of us named Larry, but he just, good old Charlie. This is my boy, this is Wyatt. He’s my caddy this week. One 13. Say, okay, one 13 as a wedge. Because you’re very powerful.

Wyatt – Larry the Cable Guy’s son (30:58):

One 13 use as a wedge because you’re very powerful.

Larry the Cable Guy (30:59):

Right? Thank you. He knows my strength.

Anthony Anderson (31:08):

Well. Things I have on my bag we probably can’t show on television. I don’t know. It depends on what state we’re in. It’s legal, but no, what’s in my bag? Cigars, speakers. Can I please get my invite to Myrtle Beach? That’s it.


Hey Myrtle Beach. Maybe I’ll see you there if Charlie invites me.

Charlie Rymer (31:42):

Up next, let’s stop by the world am where 3000 golfers compete on over 50 of Myrtle Beach’s best courses. This is the biggest, most fun golf tournament on the entire planet, folks. Let’s meet some of the competitors.

James Anderson (31:59):

My name is James Anderson. I’m 35 years old and I’m in the first fight. I played 10 years. My first seven years were in Carolina. I played for the Panthers, then I went to the Bears, played there for a year in 2014, I went to the Patriots, then I went to the Titans, the Falcons and the Cowboys all in the same year.


And then I finished up my last year with the Saints. Golf helps love me out because being a competitive football player and playing National Football League for so long, you get a way to compete, you get a way to be a lead, right? Even the guys on tour are steady trying to get better.


Every time you go play, you can learn something that gives you a go to shoot for something to go work towards, something to grind in. And coming here you get a chance to test your skills, test your knowledge of the game, test your course management. What have I been working on? Has the things I’ve been working on, are they working? Can I do them under pressure?


For me, that experience is invaluable and I feel like coming here with this amount of golfers, traveling away from home, playing multiple courses that you haven’t seen is kind of a test of everything. Then when I come home from the golf course, whether I play well or not, my daughter’s at the door looking at me. So nothing’s better than that.

Charlie Rymer (33:24):

It’s the 2022 Dustin Johnson World Junior, presented by LA Golf. The best junior golfers from around the world have been invited to tee it up at TPC Myrtle Beach right next door to Dustin Johnson’s golf school.


As the juniors warm up for their practice rounds, we’ve hand picked some stars to go head-to-head with DJ in a short game contest.


So good morning everybody. Welcome to DJ’s Golf Tournament. In this short game contest, I’m going to do what I do best, which is talk a lot and get these guys teed up. But what we’re going to do is we’re going to hit three shots. We’re going to hit a flop shot, we’re going to hit a bunker shot. We’re going to come right up here and hit about a 40 yard pitch and we’re going to let DJ go first and maybe talk us through a little bit of how he’s going to play that shot and that’s not going to eat up a lot of time, I can tell you that.


Because he doesn’t overthink anything. That’s one of the great things about watching him play golf. And then these three are going to have a contest. We’ve got that big Tommy Morrison here who keeps getting bigger. I remember it used to be this way. Now I don’t know what they’re feeding you out in Texas, but you’re eating a lot of it. We got Ben James and we got Bailey Shoemaker here.


So the winner of each one of the three contests that we have is going to get a DJ sign hat and some product from LA Golf as well. So let’s get after it. We’re going to start with a flop shot right here. Now y’all jump right in. This is your chance to dig in there with DJ. I think he’s probably got pretty decent short game would be my take on it.

Dustin Johnson (34:58):

It’s not great right now. I need to get a little practice in here before next week. But from here, pin’s not too close, but it’s still on a downhill slope the whole way. So you’re just trying to make sure you land it short. But just judging how the ball’s going to come out, which is the hardest thing to do in the rough. Only way to do that is practice it.


Everybody plays them a little bit different. I think you need to figure out what’s the best way for you to play in the rough. I tend to play it a little bit more back, even though I’m hitting a flop shot, obviously I’m hitting a really high short one. I’ll move it up a little bit. But most of them I’ll play probably just back of center just so I can make nice contact.


I hit it a little hard. But no, it was pretty good.

Charlie Rymer (35:43):

You’re the first person that I’ve talked to and I’ve been fortunate to talk to a lot of folks about hitting flop shots, to talk about getting a little farther back in the stance. And I had never really heard that before, so that was interesting for me to hear. I mean, do you go back in your stance?

Speaker 19 (35:58):

Let’s touch forward personally, kind of lean on it, open the face, swing left. Just don’t dump in the bucker.

Dustin Johnson (36:05):


Charlie Rymer (36:07):

Let’s see it. Grab, pretty good. I think DJ still got you though. By the way, DJ, is that 60? Is that your flop?

Dustin Johnson (36:18):

60? Yeah.

Charlie Rymer (36:19):

Is that what you use most of the time around the greens?

Dustin Johnson (36:23):

Just depends. I mean, out of the rough and most of the time. Yeah, bunkers. Unless there’s a long one.

Charlie Rymer (36:30):

Is your next wedge at 56?

Dustin Johnson (36:31):


Charlie Rymer (36:34):

  1. I gotcha. How many times in a year are you going to swap out wedges?

Dustin Johnson (36:38):

I change my 60 a lot. Probably every three tournaments. Maybe I’ll change 60.

Charlie Rymer (36:44):

Do you have them make a batch for the whole year for you?

Dustin Johnson (36:46):

No. Well, I have a drawer on the truck with a bunch of them in it.

Charlie Rymer (36:51):

He’s got his own drawer on the truck. Yeah. Anybody up there got their own drawer on the truck? Yeah, I didn’t think so.

Dustin Johnson (36:59):

TaylorMade does a good job taking care of me.

Charlie Rymer (37:02):

All right, Bailey, let’s see what you got.

Dustin Johnson (37:06):


Charlie Rymer (37:06):

Flying the hole.

Dustin Johnson (37:07):

Yeah, almost,

Charlie Rymer (37:08):

Man. That was all over. Just a little bit long. All right, Tommy?

Dustin Johnson (37:15):


Charlie Rymer (37:18):

Hang on. Great shot right there. Tommy wins our first contest.

Dustin Johnson (37:21):

I don’t like messing up with my signature. I should have signed it underneath.

Charlie Rymer (37:25):

All right, let’s move into the bunker. All right, so walk us through this one, DJ.

Dustin Johnson (37:30):

In the bunker, depending on the shot kind of is where I play it in my stance. I’ll move it a good bit and very rare do I like to hit a bunker shot with a lot of spin just because I’m trying to control it, control the distance. So a lot of times I like to let it hit and roll. When the bunker, like this is a drill I do all the time, it’s just so I can get the face rotating.

Charlie Rymer (37:55):

And if you don’t rotate at that, sand’s going to fall out early, right?

Dustin Johnson (37:57):

Right, yeah. So I do this, it’s just a drill I do to work on my bunker shots. Didn’t play the right break. But-

Charlie Rymer (38:15):

Yeah, no, that looked great. I’ve always tried to spin the ball and so I hit a lot of them thin. But getting that ball rolling almost like a putt as soon as you can, that’s what the goal is for you, right?

Dustin Johnson (38:26):

Obviously I try not to hit myself in situations where you, you’re stuck where the flag’s too close to you where you have to hit an unbelievable shot to get it close.

Charlie Rymer (38:35):


Dustin Johnson (38:35):

I try to err on the far side of the green where I got more green to work with.

Charlie Rymer (38:39):

And one more question while we’re at it. You talk about practice. I mean, I don’t get the sense that you do maybe a whole lot of structure in your practice, but-

Dustin Johnson (38:48):

I’m actually really structured.

Charlie Rymer (38:49):

Okay, so what practice look like for you?

Dustin Johnson (38:51):

I just don’t practice for a very long time. I always try to go to the range with a plan, what I’m going to do, and some days it might be 30 minutes, some days it might be four hours. It just kind of depends on how long I can stay focused on what I’m doing. But as soon as I lose focus on what I’m doing, I’ll just leave. Just because-

Charlie Rymer (39:11):

Then you’re just going to do damage, right?

Dustin Johnson (39:12):

Yeah, I don’t get any better and if anything, I make myself worse. So I’ll do half hour of putting, half hour of chipping, and then maybe 30 minutes on the range.

Charlie Rymer (39:20):


Dustin Johnson (39:20):

Just to really focused on what I’m trying to do and then I get out of there.

Charlie Rymer (39:24):


Dustin Johnson (39:25):

Or I’ll go play. So I like to play a lot, so-

Charlie Rymer (39:27):

Yeah. Yeah. Perfect. Right. Let’s see it, Tommy. Nice.

Dustin Johnson (39:33):

That was nice. Good shot.

Charlie Rymer (39:37):

That’ll do. Really nice, right there.

Dustin Johnson (39:40):

I was the Guinea pig. I showed him the break.

Charlie Rymer (39:46):

Little heavy. It didn’t quite roll out. Let’s see, Ben. Well that had a great sound.

Dustin Johnson (39:53):


Charlie Rymer (39:53):

Good shot.

Dustin Johnson (39:56):

Feels like me just didn’t read it right. It looks like it goes right, but actually breaks right to l.Eft.

Charlie Rymer (40:00):

Yeah. Good distance. We got a hat winner right there. Let’s move right up here and we’re going to hit a pitch off some tightly moon. I see you got a nice lie there.

Dustin Johnson (40:11):

We’ll put it on.

Charlie Rymer (40:14):

All right, so DJ, this is a shot that scares a lot of people. We’re like 35 yards over a bunker, tight lie. What’s your approach to a shot like this?

Dustin Johnson (40:24):

I’m just going to play probably just kind of a normal pitch. Let it check and then release to the hole.

Charlie Rymer (40:29):

Yep. Yep.

Dustin Johnson (40:30):

Whatever the most consistent shot you can hit is how I’d play it. But this is another situation where it’s all about controlling your spin, so knowing how much your ball’s going to spin, you’re obviously practicing on the course you’re going to play on so you can figure out how the ball’s going to react and what it’s going to do.

Charlie Rymer (40:48):

Obviously a little bit different from week to week.

Dustin Johnson (40:50):


Charlie Rymer (40:51):

We were talking about your wedges earlier. Do you make adjustments on leading edge and bounce and that sort of stuff from week to week? Or is it pretty much the same all the time?

Dustin Johnson (40:59):

No, I use the same wedge all the time. Every course. No matter where I’m playing.

Charlie Rymer (41:03):

Yeah. Does it tickle you to see guys in there grinding their own wedges and sparks flying everywhere, that sort of stuff?

Dustin Johnson (41:08):

Yeah, but very, I mean, there are maybe one or two guys that might do that. So is it, well now the wedges are milled or companies make so many different types of bounces that you can find one that you like and if you do, they’re always the same every day.

Charlie Rymer (41:24):

Replicate them every time.

Dustin Johnson (41:25):


Charlie Rymer (41:25):

Yeah, perfect. Let’s see it.

Dustin Johnson (41:27):

See if I can just make good contact.




Set. I hit it too hard.

Charlie Rymer (41:37):

Bailey, before we get you to hit, I was wanting to chat with you a little bit. Where are you going to go to school? Have you got all that worked out yet? Yes

Bailey (41:45):

Yes, sir. USC, Southern California.

Charlie Rymer (41:47):

Wow. One of the top programs around right there.

Bailey (41:51):


Charlie Rymer (41:52):

I know that’s a great school academically too. You got to have some strong interest in academics there I would think as well.

Bailey (41:56):

Yeah, education’s still important to me, but of course I want to go pro just like everyone else.

Charlie Rymer (42:00):

Well cool. Well, let’s see this 40 yarder right here.

Dustin Johnson (42:05):

Well she cooked it nice. Hit it.

Charlie Rymer (42:07):

Oh, hit it. Almost rattled it. Tommy, talk to me a little bit about your plans, where you headed to school?

Tommy (42:13):

I’m going to play college golf at University of Texas at Austin.

Charlie Rymer (42:16):

Cool. I know you’ve been committed to Texas for a while, haven’t you?

Tommy (42:20):

A couple years, yeah.

Charlie Rymer (42:21):

Yeah. You will say grew up, you’re still growing. How tall are you?

Tommy (42:25):

Six foot nine.

Dustin Johnson (42:28):


Charlie Rymer (42:29):

They’re making them big now, aren’t they, DJ?

Dustin Johnson (42:31):

Yeah. I don’t feel short very often, especially on tour ever. Yeah. I feel short standing next to him. That’s it.

Charlie Rymer (42:41):

That’s some good action there. Yeah. All right, Ben, come on up buddy. Talk to me about your plans. What are you going to do for school?

Ben (42:47):

I’m going to the University of Virginia in the fall, so I’ll be there for planning to stay four years and hopefully going to the PGA Tour.

Charlie Rymer (42:54):

Talk to me a little bit about academics. What are you going to study while you’re there?

Ben (42:57):

Either political science or sociology.

Charlie Rymer (42:59):

I thought about taking sociology, but I wasn’t going to study anything I can’t spell.

Ben (43:05):

I can’t spell it either.

Charlie Rymer (43:07):

Yeah. Well cool. Well, let’s see what you got.

Dustin Johnson (43:09):

It’s going to work out.

Charlie Rymer (43:14):

Hang on. Hang on. A little heavy, but you got away with it for sure. Well, nice getting to know y’all a little bit more. And it’s fun watching your short game here and it’s going to be really fun to see what y’all do at Texas, Virginia, and USC. We look forward to watching the future unfold for these great players, DJ.

Dustin Johnson (43:32):

Absolutely. Thank you. Thanks for playing, and really thank you for supporting my event.

Charlie Rymer (43:37):

The eighth annual Dustin Johnson World Jr. Is coming up in March of 2023. Don’t miss it.


That’s about it for this episode. Time to unwind by the water. Thanks for joining us on the Charlie Rymer Golf Show. In golf, there is nothing quite as satisfying as a well struck shot. The reward of seeing the ball fly strong and true right at the target. Nothing like it, but it doesn’t happen by accident. You got to believe that great preparation will lead to great execution. Give it a shot in life. I’m betting you’ll like the results. That’s it for the Charlie Rymer Golf Show. Keep it in the fairway, folks.

John Daly (44:44):

Playing golf with Rymer, you’re going to have a blast. Now that I’ve lost some weight, we both can fit on his cart, which helps.

Charlie Rymer (44:52):

I’m so scared I can’t remember my lines. I’m too fat to do stuff like this, so why would I do this? You think Brad Pitt would do this? I don’t think he would. You do it.


Here in Myrtle Beach, we got so much to do for the entire family. In fact, I never get bored. We’re going to be right back from commercial break by the time I get down the end of this zip line.


Did you make it?


Welcome back to the Charlie Rymer’s Golf show. I was going to do it. I really was, folks. I was ready. I was going to do it. And they told me that I’m too tall. Yeah, that said, they told me I’m too tall. So let’s head back out to the golf course where I’m much more comfortable.


Hey Chris. Hey, you’re a fine stunt double. He’s a fine stunt double. Now get back in here and give me that shirt.