Shaftesbury Glen Reopens for Fall Play After Summer Renovations

This summer, Shaftesbury Glen Golf & Fish Club underwent major renovations in the form of new greens and waste bunkers, which have added to the overall playability of the golf course. Hear from General Manager Ryan McCarty as he discusses their excitement about reopening after a long summer of work.



Ryan McCarty:
What we did was we redid our greens. We used to have A1 Bentgrass greens, and what we’ve added, we got rid of the A1 Bentgrass, just because it’s not as heat tolerant as we would like. We put in a new strand of Bermuda called Sunday Bermuda. We started the renovations June 17th and finished them up about two weeks ago, and we are extremely happy with the outcome. They are thick, they are lush, green, very heat tolerant. We’re happy with the situation. During that renovation we also added 250,000 square feet of waste area to the golf course. The greens, they love the greens, they putt true, they’re just as fast as the A1 Bent, so we didn’t lose any speed by going from Bent to Bermuda.

The biggest reward that we’re getting from the customers is the fact that we put in the waste bunkers. The waste bunkers not only aesthetically make the golf course look more pleasing to the eye, but they also allow the golfers to ride in them which, for instance, if it is a cart-path-only day, now the golfers can pick and choose if they want to go down the right side on the cart path or if they’d liked to take the waste bunker to get closer to their shot. That really helped out with pace of play and also helped people get around the golf course with a little bit more ease.

But condition-wise, we’ve always been known as being some of the best on the Grand Strand as far as conditioning. We have an excellent superintendent named David Kingsland, he’s been with us since he actually grew in the golf course. We always have great conditions. We always keep the golf course immaculate. It’s a fun golf course to play, wide-open fairways, a little tough around the greens. But no matter what condition – rain, warm weather, car path only – you’ll be able to get around the golf course with ease.

Come and see us whenever you get a chance. There are still a lot of golfers that haven’t played this golf course yet. If you come play us one time, I think you’ll come back on a consistent basis!