Take Four: Why Fall is Myrtle Beach’s Best Season

Our panel of Myrtle Beach golf industry experts – including Golf Tourism Solutions (GTS) CEO Bill Golden, Kingfish Communications’ Chris King, GTS Events Division’s Ryan Hart and Brunswick Plantation Resort & Golf’s Scott Thrailkill – weighs in on why they think the fall golf season is the Grand Strand’s best.



Bill: Don’t tell anybody this, but a lot of locals have a little secret amongst themselves, that late September through Thanksgiving is the best time to play golf here, right, guys?

Chris: Absolutely.

Bill: It’s just the weather’s perfect, the humidity’s gone, the courses are in awesome shape, you can still experience the beach and so on and so forth. So, that, to me, if you’re putting a group together, spring’s awesome. You’ve got pent-up demand, you want to tee it up, but fall is just a different experience here. You begin to see some of our trees start to turn colors. It’s just got a great vibe to it, and again, the courses are in great shape this year, in particular, so they’re going to be in great shape with all the new greens we’ve got coming in, playing a little firmer, a little faster. So, it is the best time to play golf here in our Myrtle Beach area, I think.

Chris: I think the average high temperature in October is 75.

Scott: And that carries to November now.

Chris: Yeah, it really does. So, what’s a cold day, 68? The humidity is gone. Look, to your point, you get why spring’s so popular, right? Like, you’re in the Northeast, you’ve been sitting in there all winter, you’re dying to get out, but really the fall and a trip down here in October, even into that first week or two in November is the perfect way to cap a season. In terms of weather guarantees, there is no better time to be here.

Ryan: For me, playing golf in the fall is the best time to play golf. Everybody comes down for the spring because they haven’t been able to play, but if you want to talk about finding the best weather in Myrtle Beach it’s definitely from that tail end of September through the fall. It’s just perfect out, and actually coming to Myrtle Beach and looking at the different options that you have, as far as golf courses go … like we said, there are a few link-style courses. There’s a little bit of everything to choose from, but the weather in the fall is a home run, all the way.

Scott: By far, fall’s the best time of year. It’s the one we look forward to, as locals. I enjoy it. Temperatures get … you know, don’t have to sweat near as much … Everything’s perfect. As you said, many courses made some changes, we’re all excited to see.

Bill: Yeah.

Scott: I think this is going to be a year to remember. I mean, we’re going to love it.

Bill: I agree. I think it’s, again, a sense of renewal coming off this year and with all the new greens. Some of these green surfaces are really brand new. Consumers will be able to test them, be on them for the first time, roll some birdie putts in there.

Scott: Absolutely.

Bill: It’s teed up to be a really good season.

Scott: I think I’ve seen over the last couple of years, a lot of the golf courses, they’re really starting to change things. Myrtle Beach has been around for a while, but now everybody wants to rediscover Myrtle Beach to a certain degree.