The Case for Fall: Why October is the Best Time for a Myrtle Beach Golf Trip

The weather is great – not too hot, not too cold. Bring a windshirt in the morning, but expect to take it off by late morning or early afternoon.

Course conditions are never better. The greens are smooth and fast – superintendents don’t have to worry about summer heat. The Bermuda fairways are lush and green. The scenery is awe-inspiring – from the spectacular vistas along the Calabash and Lockwood Folly rivers and adjoining wetlands just above the border in North Carolina, to the prodigious live oaks among former rice plantations in Pawleys Island. The leaves are starting to change. The fall colors are spectacular, especially as sunset approaches.

There’s more fun and entertainment (football, baseball playoffs) awaiting on the 19th hole than during any other time of the year. So there’s no better time than October to take a Myrtle Beach golf trip (we hope we remember we wrote this by the time April rolls around!).

Let’s expand on the reasons why October is the best time to play golf at the seaside “Golf Capital of the World.”

We’ll start with the weather. Every tee time is great. October weather on the Grand Strand (average high on October 15 is 77 degrees, average low at sunrise about 60 degrees) is great for golf.

In fact, it’s perfect for 36 holes. Daylight Savings Time lasts through the entire month, so there are more than 11 hours of light, plenty for two rounds with lunch sandwiched (pun intended) between. Schedule accordingly. Your golf packager would be glad to assist with that.

You can’t pick a better time to guarantee pristine course conditions. The greenery and growth from the summer are at their peak. But there’s no summer heat to contend with.

If you like guaranteed green from tee through green, the Grand Strand is the place to be in October. There’s something about the fall sun, especially over natural wetlands and amidst coastal pines and live oaks, that calls out to you in a very special way. The darker hues, with shades of red and yellow mixed in, is an added pleasure to an afternoon round.

October also presents great opportunities to catch a glimpse of deer, foxes, turkeys and other wildlife scampering through the woods.

Then there’s the 19th hole back at the clubhouse. Is there anything better than replaying a round with buddies while watching football and enjoying food and your favorite beverage? There’s NFL on Sunday, Monday and Thursday, and college football on Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Don’t worry about Tuesday and Wednesday – baseball has it covered. The playoffs and World Series run through the entire month.

Here’s a great itinerary for a perfect October day on the Grand Strand:
•    Full buffet breakfast at the hotel or course
•    18 holes of championship golf
•    Lunch at the golf course
•    18 additional holes of championship golf
•    Another few rounds in the clubhouse with the group, with multiple televisions tuned to your favorite sports teams.
•    Lots of options for nighttime activities, followed by bed and the chance to do it all again the next day.

October is the best time to be at the best place for golf. Well, at least until April!