The Longest Hole in One in Myrtle Beach Golf History?

November 2, 2009

McCallister.JPGWhen Jay McAllister saw the group in front of him driving back towards the tee, his first thought was, “I must have hit somebody.”

The former Coastal Carolina University golfer had attempted to drive the green on the 335-yard, 4th hole – a dogleg left – on the Lakes Course at Arrowhead Country Club, and thought he had yanked the ball into an unsuspecting group.

As the group got closer, McAllister heard them yelling, but the shouts were of amazement, not anger.

“They came back screaming, ‘It went right in the hole, it went right in the hole,’” McAllister, who was playing in charity tournament when he pulled off the unlikely feat, said. “We got up there and there was a ball mark the size of a cue ball. They said it rolled right in the center of the hole.”

While he is an accomplished golfer, it was McAllister’s first hole in one and possibly the longest in Myrtle Beach golf history.

He played Arrowhead numerous times in college but had never attempted to drive the green. When he sized up the shot, all he saw was trouble.

“Wow, I have to get this ball up pretty quick to clear these pine trees, then hope it cuts back so it doesn’t end up in someone’s kitchen,” McAllister said of what he was thinking on the tee. “It did. That’s one of the strengths my games, my distance and I hit the ball really high. It’s a tough shot to pull off and a lot of luck (is needed).”

Given that McAllister didn’t see the ball go in the hole, the reality of what he accomplished didn’t set in until he arrived on the par 3, fifth tee where he began to wonder if anyone had recorded back-to-back aces. It only took one swing of the club for that dream to die, but it hardly mattered.

Despite McAllister’s heroics, his team finished 2nd after shooting a 54 (it wasn’t a captain’s choice event). In case anyone was wondering, he didn’t buy everyone drinks.

“I told them that only applied to par 3s,” McAllister said with a laugh.

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