What They’re Saying About Myrtle Beach Golf Authority

For all the resources you have at your disposal when Myrtle Beach Golf Authority helps you plan your ultimate golf getaway, no factor is more important than its dedication to exceptional customer service. No matter if this is your first or 10th trip to “The Golf Capital of the World,” Myrtle Beach Golf Authority wants you to feel like they under-promised and over-delivered in making your golf vacation dreams a reality.

As satisfied customer Brian G. shares here, his group’s recent experience with Myrtle Beach Golf Authority/Elliott Realty is the ultimate testimony to this golf vacation provider’s commitment to customer service:

“I rented a house from Elliott Realty in 2020 which was canceled because of COVID three weeks prior to departure. This was a golf outing planned for 16 guys, so it was a stressful situation. However, when I contacted the team at Elliott Realty they were the consummate professionals and refunded the entire rental and were very understanding. This was the driving force behind why I didn’t hesitate only to call Elliott Realty to rebook this trip again in 2021.

“Every time I contacted the agency, everyone I spoke to was always professional and courteous. As a result, I also decided to book all of my golf through Elliott Realty as well versus using an outside agency which I have done in the past. I was put in touch with Cathy Ziegler, who made the entire process stress-free and made a lot of great recommendations on courses and made this process completely stress-free including booking the tee times.

“In fact, I had a last-minute cancellation three days before the trip as one of the guys in my group contracted COVID. I spoke with Karen Gilmond who not only helped me modify some of the tee times but also contacted the golf courses directly handing it all. This was very helpful as I was already stressed with needing to find a last-minute replacement. Lastly, the house we rented was clean, well-furnished, and immaculate.

“If you are looking for an agency to handle all your needs, I would highly recommend Elliott Realty. Not only do they handle all of the best-looking properties in Myrtle Beach, but they also are extremely professional. If you want a stress-free experience, I highly recommend contacting Elliott Realty.”

Whether it’s a tee time-only, lodging-only or stay-and-play vacation package you seek, the team at Myrtle Beach Golf Authority is ready and waiting to satisfy your golf vacation needs. Learn more about them by visiting their Web site today!