Three Holes at Pawleys Plantation Golfers Will Not Forget

December 6, 2016

The Jack Nicklaus design has been among the most popular and talked about Myrtle Beach golf courses since its 1989 opening.

The primary reason Pawleys Plantation Golf Club  generates so much attention are the holes that play along the marsh on the back nine, and we are here to rank them for you.


There are five holes along the marsh, these are the three best. 


3. No. 17, Par 3, 173/150 yards (all yardages are from blue/white tees): Tee shot is all carry across the marsh and there is little room to miss around the green.

Throw-in the always unpredictable wind and this, despite what the scorecard may tell you, is a substantial challenge. By this point in the round on a difficult course, the mind has a tendency to wander. Don’t let it happen to you. Pay attention to the wind and grind your way through this one. 


2. No. 16, Par 4, 423/405 yards: The most difficult hole on the back nine is a long, dogleg left with the marsh looming on the right side of the green and final 100 yards of the fairway.

If you can play your tee shot toward the elbow of the dogleg, you can shorten the hole and enjoy the benefit of the preferred line of approach. Tee shots that are to the right-center of the fairway leave a long approach over the marsh. It’s an outstanding golf hole and there is a strong case to be made that it’s the best along the marsh, but …


1. No. 13, Par 3, 136/115 yards: For some, this hole might rank closer to 18 than one, but I’m a sucker for the view and even the challenge.

The tee box is on a dyke and the peninsula green is completely exposed. Did I forget to mention that the green is as shallow as the view is memorable? The tees are almost always up, so expect the tee shot to be approximately 75 yards from the white tees and 100 from the blues. With nothing but marsh behind the green, it can impact your depth perception. Grab a wedge, take a deep breath and trust your distance control. If that fails, enjoy a final look at the view and head to the drop area – you won’t the first. 


Do you have a favorite hole along the marsh at Pawleys Plantation? Let us know.