Tip Tuesday: How Extension Helps the Body Rotate

In this video tip, Allen Terrell of the Dustin Johnson Golf School at TPC Myrtle Beach in Murrells Inlet, S.C. discusses a simple method by which you can help yourself achieve proper extension for a full backswing and full finish.



Allen Terrell:
So we get a lot of questions about how to rotate your body, how to pivot. And again, that’s an hour series on how the body motion works. But for most players, the simplest thing is not just to think rotation, but think about the distance between your buttons in your belly button or your buttons in your belt buckle. A lot of times, when players come through, if that position or that distance doesn’t increase, then they’re going to have limited rotation coming through. They’re going to stay in forward flexion here.

So I’d rather a player think about how their chest is getting further away from their belt buckle as they move through to the target. That extension piece allows you to rotate to the target. If you don’t extend, it’s very, very hard and you have to be very, very mobile to be able to completely rotate through. And that goes for the back swing, too. It’s hard to create full rotation if there’s not just a tiny bit of extension here in the back swing. So understanding extension and how that helps the body rotate is really, really important to have a full back swing and a full finish.