Tip Tuesday: The Frisbee Drill

In the final installment of Classic Swing Golf School‘s extension series, Stefany King-Miller is here to show how a simple drill involving a frisbee can help a critical element of proper extension. Check out how “The Frisbee Drill” can effectively reinforce how to open up the lead side during your golf swing.



Stefany King-Miller:
Hey guys, this is Stefany again from the Classic Swing Golf School. Today, we are going to play a friendly game of catch!

So here’s my partner, Ted Frick. We are going to play catch now with the Frisbee. Now, you’re going to do it the opposite way than you normally probably would. So in golf, if I think about my left arm as my lead arm and my right arm as my trail arm, I’m going to hold the Frisbee in my lead arm or my lead hand.

Let me show you how it’s done now. So the Frisbee’s in my left hand, trying to throw it to my partner right behind my right shoulder. Open up the left side. Now, if I have my driver in my hand, so now I’m trying to do the same thing with the driver. Just trying to open up that left side, swinging through the drive.

Have fun!