Tip Tuesday – Ground Series Part 4: Improving Trunk Rotation

In part four of Classic Swing Golf School’s latest series of instructional videos on using ground forces to improve power in your golf swing, supporting better trunk rotation takes center stage. Classic Swing’s Stefany King is here to show us a lunging exercise that can work wonders in this effort!



Stefany King:

Hey guys! So going off the first tip that I did on the rotation, doing the squats, staying in the posture, now we’re going to think about rotary again, and we’re going to think about the trunk rotation. So the drill we’re going to do today, again, if we’re going to take an exercise band, or if you want to take a towel in your house and just make it a little taut, we’re going to do lunges today.

So now, as I do my lunges, I’m going to step my right foot forward and get down into a lunge. As I’m in my lunge, I’m going to keep my exercise band nice and taut and I’m going to rotate. I’m going to really work on my stability as I do this. Rotate right shoulder down, then I will rotate left shoulder down. As I’m doing this, I’m making sure I stay nice and stable with my lower body. So I’m going to do a couple with my right leg forward, then I will switch. Then I will go left leg forward down into my lunge again, nice and taut, working on that trunk rotation back, left shoulder down, right shoulder down. And see how much rotation you can get back and through with this exercise. So that’s going to be your exercise.

Then what I will do, thinking about a golf swing now, as Ted was doing the bow and arrow drill, pulling the right shoulder back, pulling the trail shoulder back. I take that one step further. Now, as I do this, I’m going down to shoot my bow and arrow. Now I’m going to think about pulling my right shoulder back, my right hip back, then I will push the right shoulder down and bring the left side now, just like I was doing in the Frisbee throwing. Left shoulder will come up, right shoulder will go down, and my left hip will start opening. I think about this in a golf swing, so as I’m swinging, my left shoulder will go down, my right shoulder will go back. Then I will switch, right shoulder down, left shoulder back, left hip around. Try it out!