Tip Tuesday – Ground Series Part 6: Two Exercises to Generate More Vertical Force

In part six of Classic Swing Golf School‘s ground series of instructional tips, instructor Eddie Young is back to discuss the importance of using the ground and your lead leg to generate vertical force in the golf swing. He showed some practice drills in his last video, and here he’s demonstrating two exercises to develop more strength to support the process.



Eddie Young:

All right, we’re doing the vertical force here. And to get the vertical force to work, we’re going to work on getting the left side to move out of the way so we can get this push out of the left leg.

A couple of strengthening exercises at home coming back from my background: Dr. Craig Strickland, one of the guys I work with, working on strengthening, he calls this curtsy squats. And you’d start off just like you’re curtsying, but you’re going to go back in a dynamic move just sitting here going back and forth doing the squat like this and just pushing back out of the way.

As you get into this more, you’ll start leaping into it, going backwards, and you’re just feeling the push off of this side up. So as I’m doing the curtsy squat, I’m going here to here, and I’m just really strengthening all this move so when I come into the ball, I can feel that move up out of the way.

Another one, I do P90X3 sometimes, and we call these Good God Squats. You’re really getting up on your toes, and you do this for one minute. You’re on your toes with your hands up, and you’re going to go to what you would call the bottom floor. Then you go to the middle floor, hold it, back to the bottom floor, all the way up to the top floor, never straighten your knees, and you’re just going to keep back and forth doing this for about one minute, just really working that move up out of it.

Those are just some exercises you can do at home to strengthen up the lower body. Thank you very much!