Tip Tuesday: Power Series Part 6 – The Frisbee Drill

In the final installment of their six-part Power Series, Classic Swing Golf School‘s Stefany King Miller and Karsten Kenley demonstrate the Frisbee Drill, designed to help you execute proper follow-through with your driver.




Hey guys! So on this one we’re thinking about the follow through all the way in the finish now. So one of our favorite drills here at the Classic Swing is the Frisbee Drill. You’re going to have a couple Frisbees, I’m just going to do one right now. You’ll put the Frisbee in your lead hand. So that would be my left hand for a right-handed golfer.

I’m going to take the Frisbee, I’m going to wind it up like my backswing, and as I throw the Frisbee, I’m going to feel like I’m throwing it over to Karsten over my right shoulder.

I’m going to turn my body, open my body up feeling like my chest is left of that target, and I’m going to throw a couple Frisbees. Another thing I like to do, if you’ve got a dog in your backyard, take a couple Frisbees, throw your dog the Frisbee, he’ll bring it right back to you.

So the Frisbee’s in my left hand, wind it up, throw it behind my back, open the body, and really work on opening and finishing in your golf swing. So now grab your driver and do the same thing. Feel like I’m getting that body left of my target in the finish. Open the body up. Really helps with the follow through. Try it out!