Tip Tuesday: How a Putting Grip Can Help Your Pitching Game

In this video, Allen Terrell of the Dustin Johnson Golf School at TPC Myrtle Beach in Murrells Inlet, S.C. demonstrates how a popular putting grip can be used as an effective tool to help reinforce the proper movements of your arms when you pitch the golf ball.



Allen Terrell:
One of our most popular learning aides that we like to use for pitching is we just take an old wedge, and you can do this at home. Put your favorite putting grip on there. We’ve just got a Super Stroke 2.0 here. The reason is one, you get a feel of the square edges of the grip, and it helps you understand the importance of rotation of the arms and pitching. So many players have a tendency to hinge too much. They either don’t rotate their arms and the face goes back closed.

The rotation, especially, of this right arm is very, very important to be a good pitcher of the golf ball. So, with this grip, what you do is you just try to rotate the Super Stroke up, rotate it back to neutral, and then, rotate it back to where it’s pointed back up to the sky. And that feeling will help you understand how you rotate your forearms. And that helps, one, really give you maximum exposure to the bounce. It’s going to knock out any kind of digging, and it’s going to help you hit those high little spinners without having a lot of wrist hinge and digging motion.