Top 5 Reasons it’s Best to Book a Myrtle Beach Golf Package

December 8, 2016

Spend more time golfing rather than planning with a Myrtle Beach golf package

Some brave souls prefer to construct their itinerary individually, but here are five reasons, among many, that booking a golf package is the sure-fire way to go.


1. One Point of Contact 

This makes the process much more efficient. Try calling four golf courses and check price and availability for a group of 12 beginning with the 8:04 a.m. tee time? It makes my head hurt just thinking about. Your golf packager has all of the Myrtle Beach area tee sheets and prices in front of him (or her), so use this to your advantage. You'll get a customized plan that can be easily shared with, and divided by the members of your group.


2. Save Money

Management companies pair courses and accommodations, maximizing value for players and, often times, making the area’s best layouts that much more accessible.


3. Change Your Courses

The vast majority of golf packages allow players to choose their itinerary from up to 20+ courses without a variation in price. In fact, the most popular golf package booked in Myrtle Beach isn't a pre-made plan, it's “the Custom golf package.” The broad cross section of courses allows group leaders to tailor trips and guarantee a great golf lineup. 


4. Get Help While You're in Town

Unlike other destinations, Myrtle Beach golf Stay & Play Experts live in this area. The're not a faceless voice in an international call center. The courses you're talking about? They've played them many times. They have their finger on the pulse of the local golf and entertainment scene and can make recommendations based on exactly what you're looking for. If you have questions while you're in town or need directions, having a golf director can be a huge benefit.


5. Your Expert Gets to Know Your Group

Hey, we know a golf trip isn't a once-in-a-lifetime kind of thing – unless we're talking about Scotland! If your group takes a trip every few years, every few months, or every few weeks, it's nice to work with a company who has your history of where you've played, where you've stayed, and your group dynamics. Those of us that go on golf trips with regular freqency know it's a chore to start from scratch every time you want to get the guys together. 


6. Bonus: Check out exclusive Golf Package Specials!


Have you used a Stay & Play Golf Expert to help plan your trip? Were they helpful?

Please share your experiences and recommendations in the comments to help your fellow golfers!