VIDEO: Dominican Republic Group on Why They Choose Myrtle Beach

June 12, 2017


Odalis Torres: The time of year that we come it’s great weather. We don’t usually get this weather back home, and that’s why we come every year and also (for) the quality of the golf courses. The quality of the golf courses compared to the ones that we’ve got back home is absolutely, I mean, amazing.

The people here, the hospitality is awesome, the accommodations, the pricing. There are a whole lot of elements that actually come into play when we’ve decided to have Myrtle Beach as our golf destination for the last 10 years. Even though we had years where we tried to change our destination, we still end up making the same decision and coming back to Myrtle Beach.

Edwin Pacheco: This is kind of like Disneyland for us. I mean, I spend a beautiful time here with those guys. We meet many, many wonderful people here when we get together. I meet people from different places in the Dominican Republic, so we met them here. We create that relationship, a close relationship. That’s what made me never miss this trip anymore.

Odalis Torres: The past seven years, we’ve been doing our Ryder Cup Tournament, where we have a USA team and a Euro team just like in the Ryder Cup. The competition, the fun, it gives a different spice to the trip.

This is our 10th year, so this is our special year. What we did is that we picked up our nine best courses of the last 10 years.

One of our best courses is Caledonia. Caledonia is, by far, the best. But, of course, TPC is TPC (TPC Myrtle Beach), so we always finish our trip with TPC with the Ryder Cup singles in today’s tournament.

Speaker 3: If you had a word of advice for anyone who is thinking about organizing a group golf trip to Myrtle Beach, but they’ve never been here before, and you were to give them some advice on what they could expect for their first group golf trip …

Odalis Torres: Pick a good travel agency to help you with the coordination because that will ease up a lot of logistics for accommodations and course reservations. (Seaside Golf Vacations has helped this group coordinate their trip for each of the past seven years.)

Also, don’t waste time (while you’re in Myrtle Beach). If you come to Myrtle Beach, come to play golf. Play golf every day because the day that you don’t play golf is the one day you’ll regret!