VIDEO PREVIEW: “The Q at Myrtle Beach” Premiering Tuesday, April 23, 1 PM ET on YouTube

A full-length, YouTube tournament-style video chronicling “The Q at Myrtle Beach,” which featured eight of golf’s most popular content creators and eight aspiring pros competing for a sponsor exemption into the PGA TOUR’s upcoming Myrtle Beach Classic, is set for release at 1 p.m. ET on Tuesday, April 23 on Play Golf Myrtle Beach’s YouTube page. will be simulcasting the YouTube feed as well.



The results of “The Q at Myrtle Beach,” a groundbreaking 16-man, 18-hole shootout to determine who earned a coveted sponsor exemption into the PGA TOUR’s inaugural Myrtle Beach Classic, have been a closely guarded secret, but the wait is nearly over.

On a day chock-full of the highs and lows only golf can provide, the video captures the emotions of the event as players compete for a potentially life-changing opportunity. The content creators participating in the event were George Bryan, Peter Finch, Grant Horvat, Luke Kwon, Cole Lantz, Micah Morris, Fat Perez (Bob Does Sports), and Dan Rapaport (Barstool Sports). The aspiring PGA Tour players who competed were Matt Atkins, Jay Card III, Morgan Deneen, Turk Pettit, Scott Stevens, Tyler Watts, Ryan Wilkinson, and Jamie Wilson.

Golf Tourism Solutions (GTS) and Visit Myrtle Beach hosted “The Q at Myrtle Beach,” which was closed to the public, at TPC Myrtle Beach. All professional and amateur competitors met PGA TOUR Tournament Regulations for sponsor exemptions, requiring a USGA handicap of 0.0 or better, and are eligible for PGA TOUR competition.

If you’re in town, be sure to drop by TPC Myrtle Beach to join in the fun for its “The Q at Myrtle Beach” Watch Party!