Winners of Play with Paige Sweepstakes Enjoy Great Experience

Alan Podolsky, the winner of our 2018 Play with Paige Spiranac Sweepstakes, recently got to reap the rewards along with his three guests – including a round of golf at Grande Dunes Resort Course with Paige. Check out how they enjoyed the experience in this video!



Paige Spiranac: Hey, everyone. It’s Paige. I’m gonna tell you more about the Myrtle Beach contest. So you are going to get three rounds of golf at my favorite courses in Myrtle Beach, three nights at one of my favorite hotels, you’ll get to bring three friends, and one round of golf with me, which I’m super excited about!

Interviewer: So when you found out that you won, were you kind of in disbelief, because “We always enter these competitions, and we’re like, ‘Eh, we’re never gonna win them’?” What was your response when you won?

Alan Podolsky: So the first thought was it’s not real, it’s not legit. And then as things got closer it just started feeling a little more real until we finally got here, and then it finally sunk in that I’m actually gonna get to do it.

Interviewer: Who all did you bring with you?

Alan Podolsky: So I have my younger brother here, Michael, and a couple of my buddies, Bob and Bryce. We’re all from the Youngstown area.

Interviewer: Gotcha. So fellas, when Alan said, “Hey, you guys get to come with me and play some golf,” what was your guys’ response?

Michael Podolsky: Well, the text I got from him was, “Hey, I won a golf trip.” I was like, “Oh, that’s really cool, man. You get to go down and play golf.” And he was like, “No, no, no, it’s me and four guys.” I was like, “Oh, that’s even cooler, man. You and your friends get to go down and play golf.” He’s like, “So what weekends are you free?”

I was like, “Oh, I get to go? This is awesome.” I told all my friends at work and everything, and they were amazed at what we get to do. It’s really cool this thing they’re putting on.

Interviewer: And then you guys get to play with Paige, and honestly Paige is one of the nicest people around. What was your initial thought when you got to play with Paige?

Alan Podolsky: Well, just that I was excited, but then I was kind of hesitant just because she’s so good. And I don’t know how we’re gonna hold up against her, but we’re gonna try our best and have a great time.

Alan Podolsky: I’m gonna hope to hit a strong 6-iron there.

Alan Podolsky: Paige is kicking our butts, but it’s been going pretty well. Haven’t hit the ball as bad as I thought I would for the first round of the year, so I’m happy with it.

Interviewer: You’re wearing a (short-sleeve) shirt. Would you have been wearing that up in Pittsburgh if you were playing today?

Alan Podolsky: I don’t even know if I could get out on the course today. We’d have to wear a snow parka or something out there, because it’s 39 (degrees) back home. So it’s definitely nice to be down here.

Paige Spiranac: We’re just having a good time, and I tried to make it as fun as possible because I know sometimes it can be a little bit stressful when you want to try to play great, especially sometimes when you have cameras around. And so, just trying to lighten the mood and make a lot of jokes. Just have a fun time, because golf should be fun. And so I just want to make it really light, fun, entertaining, and just have a good time out here.

Alan Podolsky: We had a great time. First round of the year. Can’t beat a first round with Paige. We hit some good shots, hit some bad shots, but a great experience. Definitely would love to do it again.

We’re gonna squeeze in 36 holes tomorrow. We’re gonna play at Tidewater. Really excited to play there. I’ve heard some good things about that. I’ve heard it’s called “the Pebble Beach of the East.” Then we’re gonna play Barefoot, the Fazio course, I believe. Looking forward to that as well. Just gonna hang out and enjoy a nice little vacation here.

Thanks, Play Golf Myrtle Beach, for selecting me as the winner of the 2018 Play with Paige Contest.

Definitely make sure to (enter), because this was the trip of a lifetime, and you’ll have a great time. Paige is an awesome person. Just make sure you enter!