The Witch, The Wizard & Man O’ War Complete Extensive Facilities Updates

Claude Pardue, owner of Mystical Golf, discusses the re-investment his company has made in capital improvements to its three popular designs – , The Wizard and Man O' War. More than $600,000 was invested in these upgrades, and the results have been exceptionally well received by its golfers.



Claude Pardue:
We had some things that we were going to have to do as far as repairs and stuff, and we made the decision last September that we needed to get our golf courses back to, not where they were just good, but where they were in great condition.

And, I think after it’s all been done, the biggest thing that I noticed that has an impact is we totally rebuilt all our traps. We also spent a lot more money to ship in really white sand, and it all sits against the green grass, as you can see in the pictures, very nicely. It was very expensive to do this in relation to getting local sand, however.

But, we also did a lot of work on our bridges. We, obviously, did some renovation on our clubhouse. A lot of drainage work is what started this. As golf courses get old, they get drain pockets in areas that are problems with drainage, so we repaired all of those, so that the grasses could be in perfect shape. We’ve done a lot of cart path work, and all of it told, we spent a little over $600,000.

It’s a better playing surface, and as you can see, it’s a lot prettier – I mean, by a long shot. And, it also sets off the green grass because our fairways are in the roughs of the three golf courses are in perfect shape, too.

(Visiting golfers) can expect the layouts that they’d been since we built all three golf courses, but what they really can expect, now, is the best-conditioned courses anywhere around here. And, it doesn’t matter whether they’re private or public, these three golf courses are in spectacular shape.

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