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Just like when you go to your favorite restaurant at home and don't have to look at the menu, when you come to Myrtle Beach for a golf vacation, you're always guaranteed a first-rate experience with Breakers Resort. From unbeatable golf packages to the delicacies served at the on-site restaurants, Breakers will become your automatic choice on every trip.

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Player’s Choice Package

Player’s Choice Package

You pick the courses, we make it happen for the biggest savings.

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Myrtle Beach Elite

Myrtle Beach Elite

Play 3 Rounds among the Elite Golf Clubs in Myrtle Beach.

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7 hours ago

The Breakers Resort

Pretty sure my birthstone is a seashell! 🌊🐚 ...


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Beautiful cant wait to b there in few weeks

Yes! My birthstone is a seashell too!

Be there in August!

Yeah mine to

Can’t wait!!

we will be there in Aug... can't wait!

We just left there yesterday. We had our 10th annual guys trip!

Gina Nelson is birthstone seashell???

Anthony Rinehart look at all those sea shells

How's the water temperature? The Breakers Resort We'll be there Friday!!!

See you in 46 days!!!

This right now?

See you in a couple months!

Just got home from a week there

I’ll be on the beach this time in 2 weeks

Kristen Hall

Me to

Wish "I" was THERE!!!!

Molli Jo Johnson can’t wait ❤️❤️❤️❤️

See you in sept.

Pateresa Cataline

20 days

I hope the same week thats usally go the time we go, where are you staying

Mine too

30 more days. 30 more days. 30 more days!!!! I just keep repeating this over and over and over lol. I truly need the beach desperately this year

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Bring on the thrill! Which one will you try first?
☀️ Torpedo Shoot
🌀 Twisted Typhoon
🏖️ Myrtle Mayhem
🌊 Riptide Racers

Bring on the thrill! Which one will you try first? 
☀️ Torpedo Shoot
🌀 Twisted Typhoon 
🏖️ Myrtle Mayhem 
🌊 Riptide Racers


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I saw these being constructed but didn’t know they would be ready so soon. Can’t wait to come back and try them.

Can’t wait for vacation!!

We’ll be trying them next week 😁

Looks like fun gonna have to ho

Max Polk we need to go back in September for the new water slides!!

July 14 cant wait

April Ison can we stay here next year?

We'll try them all next month!!!❤

Dawn Thomas. Look at this

All 4

Oh yea!!!

Amy Whittaker

Jason L'Etoile Cindy Pape-Chadwick Meghan Morrow KateLynn Morrow

Jeff Hauser

Is this at the hotel ?

Robyn Terry that one open now

Is this new?

Regina Lott

Sandra Pridgen

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We just love playing in the sand! What is your favorite summer beach activity? 🌊☀️ ...

We just love playing in the sand! What is your favorite summer beach activity? 🌊☀️


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My favorite is walking on the beach at the break of day looking for shells with my Dad. ❤️

The Breakers Resort Hello. I am checking in on Saturday July 13th and have a few questions. I am staying in the three bedroom three bath condo (Paradise 3 Bedroom Oceanfront Condo - 6Q (Z)) What kitchen items are included in the room (coffee pot, toaster, pans, utensils) trying to figure out what I need to pack and bring. Is there is ice machine on the floor?

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🏖️Giveaway Time!🏖️

Happy 1st Day of Summer everyone! To celebrate we are giving away a $100 resort credit! Share your favorite summer memory at The Breakers for a chance to win! ☀️

🏖️Giveaway Time!🏖️ 

Happy 1st Day of Summer everyone! To celebrate we are giving away a $100 resort credit! Share your favorite summer memory at The Breakers for a chance to win! ☀️


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Walking on the beach with my family and seeing this gorgeous rainbow last week.

My grandchildren enjoying the beach and pool

We go to Myrtle Beach every summer and stay at the Breakers. Last year while on vacation we got married on the Beach. We can't wait to come back in Aug again and celebrate our 1 year anniversary!

It was our first big family vacation together!! We left June 15th and we had an amazing time together! It was my children's first time at the beach and I caught the most perfect picture of the 3 of them

My favorite spot at the breakers, by the pool at the palms tower! We’ve been coming to The Breakers for at least 6 years we love it! Every memory made there is special, wether it be jamming to Ice box by the pool every day, or getting drinks brought to you by the friendliest waitresses! We love the breakers!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🌴 see you tomorrow!!!!!

We started coming here when my son was only 3. We have been back almost every year. We met some good friends there last year. Had a great time. Tracy Frigola

My family loves the week we stay at The Breakers. My mom, aunt, cousins, brother, husband and both of my sons visit every year. My 13 year old son and my 9 year old son have been to The Breakers every year they have been alive. Every day brings a smile to our faces.

Was just there may 26th - june3 had a blast with my best friends and family...always a great time ...see ya next year..❤️❤️❤️❤️

My husband vacationed as a child with his family at the Breaker's many times. He was so excited many years ago to take us as a family. We are booked for another visit soon and can not wait!

This will be my third time going there this summer❤️. It’s just so nice to be able to relax at the hotel with so many fun things to do

Every year is our favorite! So grateful for the teen entertainment.

This will be our third year visiting Breakers! We love mustang week and I have made so many cool memories with my five year old little guy! He loves Breakers and we can’t wait to check out the water slides!

I have been staying at the Breakers for 29 years......seeing my own kids enjoy The Breakers now makes my heart smile. I stood in this very spot with all my little cousins every year. My family is checking in Monday and we can’t wait to get there! We would love to win this contest!!!!!!!! ❤️🌴🌊🍤☀️.

Loved Breakers! We'll be back! Our 1st family vacation was spent @ Breakers this year! 💜💜💜

I got married there in 2011!!!! Best day of my life and Breakers was amazing at hosting! Thank you 💖

We haven’t been to The Breakers yet but will be there next week to make some amazing memories!

Stayed there in 2017 for a girls weekend. Had a great time. Was mustang week so my friend loved watching all the stangs cruising the road. Will be coming back in Aug with my sister, niece and nephew for their first time in Myrtle as well as the breakers. Hope to make some great memories with them!¡!!💙💙🧡🧡💚💚

First time staying at The Breakers was amazing like every other time as well. Great memories and great friends!

My very first time there , I didn’t know what to expect , I was very surprised and amazed at the hotel , it had a restaurant/bar and they had music outside , it made me feel relaxed and happy , great place to stay

We will be there making memories Sunday! I can’t wait!

Love beach time with my family @ Breakers

Our vacation with our family this year!

FIRST DAY OF SUMMER 2019...First time staying at the breakers and we love it.....

My favorite memory was last summer. My husband and I spent our anniversary there and we had a great weekend. Great view from our room and the resort was very nice! Staff very friendly as well!

My youngest daughter and son in law with my 4 beautiful grandchildren booked a vacation at Breakers Resorts and invited me to meet and stay with them. I have to say I’ve spent time in the area for many years on vacations but my family hit a home run when they found Breakers. The family loved all they have to offer, ocean views, wonderful breakfast available, great water pools,slide, outdoor space to enjoy down time. We are going again this summer and we can’t wait 😊. The staff is wonderful. If you haven’t been there you must try and you wouldn’t be disappointed.

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