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2311 South Ocean Blvd · Myrtle Beach SC, 29577 1-866-849-1829

Let Compass Cove be your guide to an exceptional golf vacation. We excel at creating custom packages backed by extra services like our free airport shuttle, weekly golf social and group leader incentives.

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Build your own custom, dream golf vacation!

Build your own custom, dream golf vacation!

Choose from a wide selection of courses and an array of oceanfront accommodations at the lowest rates on the Grand Strand.

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MB Elite Package

MB Elite Package

Book in advance and save $10-$30 per golfer per round!

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The Player’s Choice Package

The Player’s Choice Package

Choose from dozens of Myrtle Beach-area golf courses, and build your own dream custom golf vacation! SAVE BIG with weekday and afternoon rates on the Grand Strand's best courses.

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2 days ago

Compass Cove Oceanfront Resort

Does this make you ready for a beach vacation? 🌊🌴☀️ ...

Does this make you ready for a beach vacation? 🌊🌴☀️


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Love Compass Cove❤

I love it there!

I'm always ready for a beach vacation!

I wish we were going this year.

I’m ready for another vacation. It’s only been a month😍

So ready.. See you in 13 days!

Be there tomorrow

But why have false advertising on those 79$ ocean view and 89$ ocean front rooms?!?

Yes it does!

No....but sitting outside at the Tiki Hut DOES...LMAO


We are here! It's been AMAZING so far!!!!

I'm always ready! It's my boss and my wallet that says otherwise...

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3 days ago

Compass Cove Oceanfront Resort

Pick a pool...any pool! With 23 water amenities the fun is endless! 💦☀️👙 ...


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Love Compass Cove, was there in April, try to get there at least once a year. Great place.

Love Compass Cove❤️.

This is where my friend Gwynn and I stayed! We're had an ocean front room! The staff was very friendly and the room was super clean. We're loved it and this is where I love to stay again! Needless to say Myrtle Beach was awesome!

We just got home to Oak Creek, WI and spent the last week here at Compass Cove. Had a wonderful time!@!

We enjoyed Compass Cove for twenty-two years before moving to Myrtle Beach. Wonderful hotel, hence the twenty-two years staying there!

Love Compass Cove!

We were there last week and met a few of the group in the pool!!

Loved compass cove

Does anyone know when the bar outside shuts down? We'll be there the beginning of October & I'm hoping it's still open.

Wish I could vacation 51 weeks a year instead of 1 week

Lots of fun & Sun 🌞 !!! 💛💛💛

Wish I was there, it was beautiful in July!

Love this place!!

Best place to stay ever

Been going for 10 years in a row! We love it there!

Nice city

I am going soon!

Can't wait will be there the 21st of September

We were there last month 💜 our 4th time

I wish I was there right now

Myrtle Beach?

Boy do I miss this place!

2311 s Ocean Blvd. Tiki Bar open many more weeks.

Be there in 10 more days!!!

Noah Robinette I wish we were all there ...

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The good food ,the sound of the waves n the nice rooms I love the compass cove

Just being at the beach and enjoying the pools

The beach 🏖 and Lazzy River ❤️

The beach and lazy river!

The beach view with good food and drinks!

Bethany Miller it might be cool to go to Ripley’s aquarium next year

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What’s Saturday without a stop at the tiki bar? 🍹😊 ...

What’s Saturday without a stop at the tiki bar? 🍹😊


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Our favorite hotel

Wish I could have one of those drinks in a the bucket!!! They were the best!!!

I stayed at Paradise Resort for little over 2 months and loved it. But I haven't stayed next door at Compass Cove.

Plans for next year already in the making!!!! Loved Compass Cove!!!! Miss the beach and ocean terrible!😥🏖🌴🌊💗

Left yesterday and already missing everything! 🏖🍹🕶🌊🏝 Already planning for a trip back in the fall!

We will be there the first week of November. Will the Tiki Bar still be open? We sure hope so, because we plan to spend a lot of time there!!

Love the Tiki Bar!! 🏖

Love this place.

Be there next month love the tiki bar!

That tiki bar was amazing!! We miss Compass Cove 💖

Just left so sad love Compass Cove !!

Got home Thursday night and cant wait to come back next year

Save me a seat be there 21 days...well 20

How late in the year is tiki hut open?

Will be there soon!

I'm ready

Be there next month!

Oh how I wish I was back there

Do you still have live music at tiki bar in September?

Is the kids water play area still under construction or is that all done now? It seemed to be under construction back in late March so I imagine it’s done by now.

When is the season over for the pool bar? Compass Cove Oceanfront Resort

Only 47days until it’s our turn!

Just hours away!!!

nice when it's open

Peach 🍑 on the beach 👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽

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