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2311 South Ocean Blvd · Myrtle Beach SC, 29577 1-866-849-1829

Let Compass Cove be your guide to an exceptional golf vacation. We excel at creating custom packages backed by extra services like our free airport shuttle, weekly golf social and group leader incentives.

1-866-849-1829 Email Golf Director

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Build your own custom, dream golf vacation!

Build your own custom, dream golf vacation!

Choose from a wide selection of courses and an array of oceanfront accommodations at the lowest rates on the Grand Strand.

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MB Elite Package

MB Elite Package

Book in advance and save $10-$30 per golfer per round!

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The Player’s Choice Package

The Player’s Choice Package

Choose from dozens of Myrtle Beach-area golf courses, and build your own dream custom golf vacation! SAVE BIG with weekday and afternoon rates on the Grand Strand's best courses.

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We're ready! Are you?! #CCMF2019 ...

Were ready! Are you?! #CCMF2019

3 days ago

Compass Cove Oceanfront Resort

Anyone in need of a beach day? ⛱🐚🌞 ...


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Tracy Jay, Kelly Dunsmore 6 weeks!!😎

Me me me!!! Can’t wait till April 7th we will be there

We are here right now!!!

Thanks for sharing- on a cold day this is just what I needed ❤️

I'll go ash

We need this Vickie Malatesta

Yes me and tim

Me, just as soon as it warms up

Love this place.....

Love Compass Cove

16 days!!!

When you going?

Lots of memories there with my family 💜💜💜💜


Bro g it on

We just left from there. It’s a gorgeous day!!! Be back soon

I cant wait to come stay at your resort again!!!




I need all of this right now

Thanks need this where are you


I need to be there 🖤

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4 days ago

Compass Cove Oceanfront Resort

Have you been on the SkyWheel?! ...

Have you been on the SkyWheel?!


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Amy J Coates .. you loved this didn’t you ?

Yes and it was amazingly comfortable!

No not yet

Yes, with my JJ....sweet memory!

No but I would like to

Aliyah Main

One and only time 2 years ago

No wife and son are chicken


Pic I took June 2018 from the boardwalk. Despite my fear of heights, I have ridden it two times.

I got engaged to my late husband in 2013 while we were up n the SKYWHEEL

Sure have

Yes, but not at night. Got to do a night time ride. :)

Just one time



No and I’m not going too!!!!!😠😠😠😠😠

Yes! It was awesome!




Not yet!! 14 days till we get to Myrtle Beach for first time!


Yep and I HATE heights!! I did ok until the 4th revolution when all the stops were happening, then I was ready to get off so I found a spot on the floor and starred at it until it was our time to get off. I recommend it to anyone. Would like to do it again during the day

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This view can change a bad day into a pretty good one 🌊🌞 ...

This view can change a bad day into a pretty good one 🌊🌞


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If the Beach can't fix you then you can't be fixed. Love me some BEACH !

Looking forward to recreating this moment alot this summer...♥️🌴😎🌴♥️

Beth Smith ❤️

Tristen Howell is this what you see from your room right now in the pinnacle building?!?! 😎

Are the fences Snow drift or Sand drift?

Could sure go for that view

Absolutely 🌴☀️🌴

Our favorite at Myrtle Beach

Dale Cannon wish we were there still

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