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Landmark Resort

1501 S.Ocean Blvd · Myrtle Beach SC, • (800) 845-0658

If you’re worried about leaving the family behind while you go play golf all day on the area’s 90-plus championship-level courses, put your mind at ease. The Landmark Resort has a little something called the H2Oasis Water Park, specially designed to deliver hours and hours of fun. Once their all worn out, the adults can indulge in the oceanfront pool bar.

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3 days ago

Landmark Resort

Happy First Day of Summer! 😃 ...

Happy First Day of Summer! 😃


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I love there bar

Can’t wait till next Saturday!!! I am sooooo excited 😊

Man I wish I was there

Checking in now!!!!!

So hope to get there soon

We will B there Sunday!

Will be there July 21 and it cant get here fast enough

Love the Landmark

I will be there July the 6th and cannot wait😎🏝

Angela Monique

Happy 1st day of summer!

See you Sunday remember to roll out the red carpet lmao seriously though we are so excited!

Can’t Wait till the 30th ❤️ Armina Hamza

1 more day Jacqueline Levi!!

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4 days ago

Landmark Resort

Don't rain on our parade, stay with us this weekend! ...

Dont rain on our parade, stay with us this weekend!


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Love Landmark

We will be there Saturday afternoon. Can't wait.

I am here now!!!

I would love to!

We are enjoying our yearly stay with you guys as we speak!!! Love it!!!!

Is this place nice

Be there next Saturday

Will be there soon

We will be there Sunday!!!!!

We was just there from June , 1st - 8th . It was my first time staying in my brother in-laws Condo at the landmark with a Beautiful view of the beach and pool .I brought my granddaughter with us and we all loved it .also a shout out to the DJ that you all had there . My granddaughter the morning we was getting ready to head back to Kentucky she just kept saying we can stay one more day .we had a blast and will be back in August.

B there Sunday - Sunday! Cant wait either

Just a few more weeks!!!

Be there soon !!

In September

2 more weeks....

Just left :((( i stayed thursday to the next sunday and had a blast!!

I wish I could hope to be back up there someday

Dawn Rikard this is where we stay very nice


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1 week ago

Landmark Resort

Live at the SkyWheel!
Take a ride with us on the SkyWheel (Myrtle Beach) and join us for a behind the scenes tour! 👀 🎡


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I love this resort

Melissa Komdeur

Kelly Rankin

What is in the bag

Tiki Bird was first (and maybe only) Macaw to ever ride on SkyWheel Myrtle Beach in summer of 2011

Shelby hahaha wanna go do this one 🤣🤣🤣

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2 weeks ago

Landmark Resort

Hey cuties! Any beach plans!? ...

Hey cuties! Any beach plans!?


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Just left yesterday! Already want to come back

Coming Saturday

18 more days can’t wait!!

Yes. Tryin to get there sometime this summer

Wish I was there

Lord I wish...

3 weeks!

I am coming on June 13 and leaving the 14. Looking for a room.


We'll be there in July

12 days and we will be there!!!

Coming in July

Jacqueline Levi only 11days!!

11 more days and we will B here!

I wish! 😭

I wish


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