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Sea Watch Resort

161 Sea Watch Drive Β· Myrtle Beach SC, 29572 β€’ (800) 291-0093

The two towers of Sea Watch resort complement each other to create one incredible experience for vacationers in Myrtle Beach. Magnificent service, dazzling amenities and the best accommodations set it apart from any ho-hum trip you've taken in the past. Premier golf courses and the Tanger Outlets are all just minutes away. Contact us and you can be moments away from securing your dream vacation.

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3 days ago

Sea Watch Resort

Happy first day of summer! ...

Happy first day of summer!


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We will be there June 29th....😎

Can not wait!

One week and will be there!

Love it😍

I’m here!! Beautiful day today β˜€οΈ

Have been once this year and counting down to September 8th😊😊. See you soon

Colder here in WV today than it was this same day in January..what's up with this anyway😡

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5 days ago

Sea Watch Resort

Megan M. and her family has stayed with us 3 years in a row!
How many times have you stayed with us?

Megan M. and her family has stayed with us 3 years in a row! 
How many times have you stayed with us?


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We have stayed with you for over 20 years The only place we will stay when we visit Myrtle beach. Love it there

Where's my shoutout!? Been staying 20 years in a row. Ever since I was 2! Best resort in all of the Carolinas!

1st year and it was Great !!

11 great times

Twice. Once with my mom and mamaw, second with my husband. Hope to make it back one year!

I love it there but have only stayed 4 times

I’ve been almost every year for 16 years. Love it!

9 times throughout the years. A favorite resort of mine and the family! Hope to get back there soon.

This will be our 6th year with yaw. We love it so much we keep bringing more family members with us.

More than 10 years and will be there in July. We love the Sea Watch Resort!πŸ˜€β€οΈ

Only once, hope to stay again !!

This will be our first time coming in 2 weeks to stay here . Can’t wait! So excited!!

I've been 11 times. Love it everytime!

This was our first year but first of many. We will definitely return!

I think five times!! Love it there very much!!

2nd time coming up in July! We love Sea Watch!

20 years in a row this August

Every year since Seawatch opened

4 years and soon to be 5. Love this place!

18 years at seawatch sometimes two times a year

This Saturday will be our second year in a row!!!

This will be our 1st on Saturday!!! We’re so excited!!!!

This year will be our 5th year in August

At least 25. Was there the first year it opened and every year since😍

3 and this year makes 4

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1 week ago

Sea Watch Resort

Live at the SkyWheel!
Take a ride with us on the SkyWheel (Myrtle Beach) and join us for a behind the scenes tour! πŸ‘€ 🎑


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Brooke Oliver I’m ready are you

I’ve been on that a time or two lol

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2 weeks ago

Sea Watch Resort

How old were your kids the first time you brought them to Sea Watch? ...

How old were your kids the first time you brought them to Sea Watch?


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3 and 7. This year, they were 7 and 11. We've been every year in between. ❀

I think we started coming to see you watch in 05 maybe earlier than that and we are 30 now and we love it we are coming back next year.

My oldest spent her 1st B-day at the beach (and have been every year but 1 since and she’s about to turn 20 in Aug).

6 and preparing to be born in 3 months... When we are there in July they will be 19 and 12

She was 5, now she is 17. Love Sea watch resort

On our first visit grandson was 5 years old

His #5 Birthday!

2yo back in 2013 10 months in 2018. Got one that will be 8 months when we go in sept. We love sea watch its the only hotel we go to since 2013

4 mos with our first and 6 mos with our second in two weeks!!!!

This will be my daughters first visit, June 2019.

6 and almost 2. We were there last week, and we miss the beach!

7. She is now 8 and in May was her birthday present .. beach trip .

1 next time will be 3

Will be our first time in August! My kids are 7 and 9.

11 months and 12 years old both girls

I’d say 6 and 3

Can’t wait to return in two weeks with our now 33 yr old daughter and her family!

5 months old

I can’t wait be there in July

44 and 40

4 and she's now 21

12, 11, 7 i was 30!!

My first visit was around when I was 7 years old. Went all my childhood. Now I’m grown and paying for my own trips to Sea Watch. It is a place that always brings you back.

My son will be 9 months and this is his 1st beach trip!!!!!! πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ

6 weeks old

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