3 Best Holes: Meadowlands Golf Club

October 13, 2010

meadowlands presents a great course with great valueGolf courses will often open with an easy hole, allowing players time to find their rhythm. At Meadowlands Golf Club, architect Willard Byrd opted to immediately challenge players, and the results were impressive.

When asked about the best holes at Meadowlands, head pro Mac Hood named the first three. The average golfer  might have selected the seventh, 15th or 17th, holes that provide a chance to pick up a stroke, but Hood likes a challenge. As a result, here are a look at the head pro’s three best holes.

No. 1, 416-yard, par 4: A dogleg left that plays around water, players must make a decision on the first tee. How much of the dogleg do you want to bite off? The answer likely depends on your handicap.

“A good player can actually shoot right at about the 100-yard marker,” Hood said. “It’s 225 over the lake. Most recreational players have to the take the ball out to the right and play around the lake.”

Nobody wants to dump a golf ball in the water on the opening hole, so think carefully before deciding how aggressive to play the hole.

No. 2, 430-yard, par 4: Another dogleg left, but No. 2 plays completely different. Water is again a factor on the left side, but attacking the dogleg isn’t an option.

“You have to play the ball a little to the right,” Hood said. “There are trees on the inside of the doglegs, and you are going to have to make sure you aren’t pulling the ball or you are going to end up rinsing a couple balls.

Players that survive the water, will find a green surrounded by three bunkers, including one in front of the green.

No. 3, 480-yard, par 4: Meadowland’s longest par 4 and its most difficult hole, No. 3 requires players to carry water off the tee and on the approach. The carry off the tee isn’t substantial (60 yards for women and 100 for men), but the second shot will give even the best of golfers reason to pause. The pond starts 150 yards from the green, but playing from the 408-yard white tees, that still requires a 250-yard drive to get that close.

There is a little bit of room to bailout on both sides of the green, but you didn’t come all the way to Myrtle Beach to layup, did you?

What are your favorite holes at Meadowlands Golf Club?