Big Break Myrtle Beach Episode 9 Recap: The $10,000 Question is Answered

December 2, 2014


From 230 yards out, Anthony and Charlie were both short of the green. Anthony chipped up to three feet. Charlie had a straight forward chip, but he inexplicably left it 9-feet short. It was a poor shot and he compounded it by missing the putt.

Anthony had a three-footer to win the challenge and punch his ticket to the semis. He calmly drained the putt, looked at his fellow players and said, final four. It was another less than classy gesture in a season full of them for Anthony.

The level of play between Jimmy and Toph wasn’t nearly as high, but Toph converted a six-footer to send Jimmy directly to elimination, a position he seems to have lived in most of the season.

Charlie was elminated with super immunity still in his bag

Focus immediately turned to Charlie and whether he would use the super immunity to advance himself to the semifinals or leave it in the bag and earn the $10,000 promised to him if he advanced to the final four without using the pass.

Ever confident, Charlie opted not to use the immunity, reasoning that he was there to play golf.

Of course, Jimmy choose to play Charlie instead of his good buddy Toph in the two-hole shootout.

The first hole of the elimination challenge was the fourth on the Love Course, one of Myrtle Beach’s shortest par 4s, and both birdied it.

The final hole was the par 4 seventh, a much stiffer challenge from 419 yards.

Both players missed the green on their approach, Charlie short, Jimmy long and right.

Jimmy hit a great chip coming back, lipping out before settling 2 1/2 feet from the hole.

Charlie, faced with a shot similar to the one he left short in the battle for immunity with Anthony, hit an even worse shot with his Big Break life on the line, leaving it 24 feet short.

He missed the long putt and Jimmy converted the short one, sending Charlie, the presumptive favorite, home with the super immunity still left in his bag.

It was a stunning end for, by all appearances, the best male golfer on the show.

There are just two episodes remaining and Anthony, Emily, Jimmy and Toph still have their dream of winning Big Break Myrtle Beach alive.


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