Charlie Rymer Takes On Myrtlewood-Palmetto’s Signature Hole

In his recent visit to Myrtlewood Golf Club, Charlie takes on the Palmetto course’s signature hole nestled along the Intracoastal Waterway, the par-4 18th. Head Golf Professional Dustin Powers shows him the best way to play it in this short video.



Charlie: I’m here with Dustin Powers, the general manager and head golf professional here at Myrtlewood Golf Club. It’s a 36-hole facility. It’s been here-

Dustin: Yes, sir.

Charlie: A long time. I can remember coming here back when I was 15 years old, and playing golf. We’re on the 18th hole of your Palmetto course. This is your signature hole, isn’t it?

Dustin: Signature hole out here at Myrtlewood, correct.

Charlie: Okay, so when I look at this par four, we’re not on the back tee. They’ve got a back tee that’s way back there. We’re over 50 right here in this tee. But, you’ve got the Intracostal Waterway up the whole left-hand side. And what I’m going to ask from you is a tip on how to eliminate the left side of that golf hole. So, what’ve you got for me?

Dustin: I’m going to give you the old Jack Nicklaus fade.

Charlie: Good one.

Dustin: I’m going to start my feet, align them a little bit left of the fairway. Not at the water. Then I’m going to put my clubface aimed where I want the ball to land. And then, I’m just going to swing along my foot plane there. So if I hit a tree it’s okay, but if I cut it, it’s still on the fairway.

Charlie: You’re making way too much sense for me. Let’s give it a shot. Show us what you’ve got. Always love getting a tip from the greatest of all time, Mr. Nicklaus.

Man, that is perfect, right there. That’s going to be up the right hand side. It’s going to be in that green grass. You got me inspired. Come stand over here and let me try one.

Dustin: Don’t hurt yourself.

Charlie: Oh, I like it. I’m loose. I’m ready to go. Gonna aim up that left hand side. Gotta cut it, swing hard. That might be on the green, right there. Get some of that. People used to pay big money to see that!

Dustin: Take that as a free sample.

Charlie: Great being out here at Myrtlewood.

Dustin: Thanks for coming out.