Charlie Rymer’s Holiday Guide: 3 Gift Ideas for the Golfer in Your Life

By Charlie Rymer

Ho! Ho! Ho! Off to the golf course we go!

It’s that time of year. Everybody wants to get the special golfer in their life that special “golf thing” that will be seen as the perfect gift. It’s a lot easier than it sounds.

Golfers are picky, and quirky, and opinionated, and difficult to please. This game is highly specialized, and golfers consume it in different ways. There aren’t really any “rights” or “wrongs.” There are, however, very strong preferences in style, performance, and functionality.

I’ll give you some examples. From the outside looking in, golf sunglasses seem like a great gift idea. Go online or to a brick-and-mortar store and try to pick out a pair as a gift. Frames, lenses, and performance characteristics vary wildly. There’s a lot of great product out there. But it’s extremely confusing to sort through information and get the right product for your golfer as a gift. I’ve got a giant head. Frames that are too small (most of which are way too small) give me a serious headache in just a few minutes. And when you dig into lens technology, things get really complicated.

Ok, so let’s get into something simple: golf towels. Sounds easy, right? Nope. You can’t imagine how picky I am about golf towels. The best golf towels are stolen from cheap hotels. They’re thin and scratchy, perfect for cleaning dirt out of square grooves. Thick and fluffy? That’s for the spa!

Not trying to scare you off here. I’m just letting you know that the chances of you getting the perfect gift for your golfer are pretty slim. But there are exceptions. So if you don’t want to go with a gift card (which I recommend), here are some great gift ideas. 

Luggage. I have a “thing” for luggage. I love it! Can’t get enough. Luggage has been very important to me throughout my golf and television career. It has to be functional and look cool. There’s nothing in my luggage that I can replace when I’m out on the road; no chance to buy clothing off the rack that fits. I’m a size 15 shoe and size 8 head. “One size fits all” doesn’t apply to Charlie. I’m a meticulous packer for a reason.

And as you might imagine, my golf clubs are highly specialized. If my stuff doesn’t get to me, I can’t work. I’ll only use two brands: Tumi and Club Glove. Tumi has awesome backpacks and dopp kits. Club Glove luggage is built for a lifetime of abuse. The duffle bags and golf travel covers are spectacular. These products are admittedly expensive, but they are lifetime pieces and they deliver on quality. Any golfer would appreciate product from either of these two companies.  

Most folks don’t think of underwear as a gift for their favorite golfer. That’s a mistake. The first day I wore 2UNDR underwear I went home and threw out every old, nasty pair of underwear in my drawer and replaced them all with 2UNDR. I won’t go into specifics, but that day changed my life.   

And finally, if you are looking for a special gift that will last a lifetime, check out the custom golf gear offered by Eliott Bag Company. Based in Charleston, S.C., Eliott produces hand-stitched, high-quality golf products, and everything is made to order. It’s expensive, but so worth it. These products will last a lifetime and beyond. The handmade golf bags are just about the coolest thing I’ve ever seen. Ask them to stitch the initials of the person who will own this bag discreetly in an out-of-the-way place. Full names stitched on pieces like this are for professionals only!   

I hope these ideas help in picking out a great gift for your golfer. Remember this: follow your instincts. If you think even a little bit that the gift you’re considering might not work for that person, then you’re probably correct.

And when in doubt (and speaking for all golfers), we love gift cards. Especially the kind that can pay for a golf trip to Myrtle Beach!

Merry Christmas!