David’s 3 Best Viewing Spots for the 2024 Myrtle Beach Classic

The view from above this week as The Dunes Club makes final preparations for the PGA TOUR’s 2024 Myrtle Beach Classic

By David Williams

I spent Tuesday morning riding around The Dunes Golf & Beach Club, the host of the inaugural Myrtle Beach Classic. In three weeks the PGA TOUR will make its way to the Grand Strand’s celebrated Robert Trent Jones layout as players competing at golf’s highest level try their hand at taming this classic design.

While making my way around the course this week, I began thinking about the best spots to watch if you’re attending the Classic. I don’t want to gatekeep, so I’ll give you my top three.

Left of 16 Green. This is one of my favorite holes on the golf course. This green is completely guarded by seven deep bunkers, and chances are they will move the tee up one day to make it drivable. Why the left side of the green, you may ask? From that spot you can see down 11 fairway to the green, the tee shots on 17, and the tee shots on 18. Almost too much action going on in that spot!

Around 4 Green. Four will be the shortest par five the TOUR pros play all week. Chances are they will be coming into the green with mid to short irons. If you sit there for more than an hour, I’ll bet money you see an eagle. You’ll be able to watch some awesome short game shots from the four bunkers, too.

Hole 9. The 9th hole will be another great location to spend a lot of time. I could argue sitting at the green OR the tee, so I’ll make the case for one of them: if you can get up on the rope line around the green, do it. From there you’ll be able to watch tee shots land and take in the views of the ocean. If you sit at the tee, you’ll be up close and personal with pros as they hit their shots. If you turn around you can see all the action happening on 8 green as well.

Those are my three spots that I will be trying to get to each day of the Myrtle Beach Classic. Please don’t take my spots!