Early-Spring Weather Forecast Bodes Well for Myrtle Beach Golf Plans

Warmer and drier.

That’s the word we’re getting on the Myrtle Beach golf forecast for March from Weather Trends, industry leaders in forecasting future temperatures and precipitations levels to help weather-sensitive industries plan ahead.

Given the difficult hand we were dealt to kick off 2018, this year’s forecast model looks much more encouraging. For March 2019, Weather Trends right now expects Myrtle Beach to have:

  • More than half the month (16 days) with temperatures much warmer than the previous year (more than 5 degrees);
  • Nearly two-thirds of the month (20 days) with temperatures warmer overall by 1 to 5 degrees; and
  • More than three quarters of the month (24 days) with precipitation levels drier than last year

This comes as especially good news for folks living in regions like the Northeast and Midwest that have experienced particularly harsh, wintry conditions in recent weeks. If they were on the fence before about planning an early spring golf getaway to “The Golf Capital of the World,” this is the news many of them have been waiting for to take a 2019 golf trip much sooner than later.

The spring package options are plentiful, and sure to offer an option that’s just right for you and your group. And if you need help planning, we’ve got plenty of expert, friendly golf vacation planners ready and able to lend a hand with just a click of the button to our EZ Quote service.

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We look forward to seeing you on the Grand Strand this spring!