Golf Instruction Zone: When the Ball is Below Your Feet

In this installment of our Golf Instruction Zone, Classic Swing Golf School’s Ted Frick discussed the adjustments you need to make on uneven lies. In this case, it’s when the ball is below your feet. Check out this video to learn how to tackle this challenge.


All right, so we got uneven lies. Things to address with uneven lies, I’ve got to know, based on the slope or the tilt of the land, in what direction is the ball going to want to move? I’m starting out when the ball’s below my feet. Now, look, when the ball’s below the feet, the ball itself is going to want to move to my right as a right-handed golfer.

In my setup, on uneven lies, you’ve got to counter-balance your weight. That means I got to sit back in my heels. So at address, I’ve got to add knee flex because the ball’s below my feet, and then in my golf swing, I got to stay in the knee flex. This is a great teaching tip for those of you that have a tendency to stand up. So you can work on ball below the feet to teach you to sit down in the downswing.

All right, so if the ball’s going to curve off to the right, I’m initially going to go ahead and aim a little bit to the left, and then in the downswing I’m going to keep my weight back in my heels when the ball’s below my feet.

So on uneven lies, the key is to counterbalance at address, and that ball did exactly what it was supposed to do.