Golf Instruction Zone: Ted’s Trio of Quick Tips (Part 2)

November 16, 2017


Hand-Eye Coordination

So what am I doing on my knees? I’m doing a drill for hand-eye coordination. One of the most prolific instructors of all time, John Jacobs, said the most important thing in the golf swing is delivering the club head to the ball.

This is the hand-eye coordination drill. Hit some drives from the knees!

Right Arm Participation

The goal of this drill is to understand right arm participation. It’s called the fold, straighten and roll drill. I’ve got a golf ball in my right hand, and I’m going to learn to throw a ball at a ball on the ground right in front of me. Throw a ball … at a ball. Throw, straighten and roll with your right arm.

Now watch how this applies with swinging a golf club. I’m just going to take this club head, make like it’s a golf ball and just throw it right at that ball. Fold … straighten and roll. That’s the magic of the right arm!

Transition of the Downswing

The transition of the downswing presents such a mysterious element in golf. Take a look: the right hand must begin the downswing by separating from the right shoulder. Take a look at my drill as I throw each alignment stick to each hula hoop on the ground – demonstrating arm action that’s on plane … over the top … and under the plane.

Learning to throw these alignment sticks on plane is guaranteed to help out the transition!