Golf Tip from Paige Spiranac: An Easy Way to Adjust Your Putting Grip

In this video, Paige discusses how she has a tendency to get too “handsy” with her putting stroke from time to time. To counter this, she makes a simple adjustment to her putting grip to make her hands feel more connected in this process.



Paige Spiranac:
Hey everyone. It’s Paige, and I’m in beautiful Myrtle Beach today. And we are back to give you some really great tips, easy tips that anyone can do, so don’t fear.

So, we’re going to talk about putting grip today. This is actually a newer tip that I recently just got. And I got a bit handsy with my putting stroke, and that means that when I’m handsy, I can kind of twist it over, flip it, and it gets a little out of control, which we do not like that. And so, I was struggling with this for a while. And someone actually gave me this tip, where they said that I have more of like a split grip. And I have this hand here, and I run my pointer finger down, which is a great grip. And for all of these tips, they may work for you, they may not work for you, but if you also struggle with getting a bit handsy with it, this might be a great tip for you.

So, this is my normal grip. And one thing that he told me to do was actually bring my right hand up, and almost do like a double overlap. So, this is where you’d be like a normal overlap for just when you’re playing your full swing. And so, you do a double overlap, so you put your hands much closer together. When you think about it, it feels more like one breath instead of it being more of a split grip where my right hand has a lot of control in it. And that’s where I kind of can turn it over and leave it open. But when it feels more like one you feel really connected, and it’s really hard to kind of flip it, or have your right hand be in control with the putting stroke.

So, if you really like hitting one-handed putting strokes to just practice, and you feel like you’re actually making a lot this is going to be a great grip for you. As you can see, my hands are really close together, and they feel like they’re almost as like they’re one, which keeps me connected. And I really am focusing more on my tempo. Instead of when I’m here, I can get here and I flip it or I turn it over. And especially when you’re nervous, this is going to be a great grip for you as well.

There’s no one right or wrong way to grip the putter. But if you do get a bit more handsy with it, definitely try this grip out, just move it up, feel almost like it’s a double overlap and you’re good to go.