International Club Delivers A 4-Star Course, Value Price

The sheer volume of Myrtle Beach golf courses often attracts attention, but it’s not what makes the area special. What makes Myrtle Beach the game’s most popular destination is the number of high quality courses it offers.

Sure, the top 100 layouts matter but the average golf group plays 4-5 rounds per trip, placing an emphasis on quality and value that courses like International Club excel at providing.

Located in Murrells Inlet, International Club, a 4-star design, according to Golf Digest’s Best Places to Play guide, provides the type of experience players covet, delivering a good round of golf at a great price.

As you make plans for your next Myrtle Beach golf trip and are looking to discover that next hidden gem, here is what you need to know about International Club.

— There is an emphasis on playability at International Club and that is reflected in the variety of holes the course offers. This isn’t a cookie-cutter design where players walk to every tee box with a driver in hand knowing it’s the right club to hit. The course features par 4s that range from 334 to 406 yards (white tees) and everything in between. This is a layout that rewards thoughtful players.

— International Club installed new Sunday Bermudagrass grass greens this summer and the results have been spectacular. The new greens have grown in perfectly and are getting faster every day. As a matter of fact, International is in as good a shape this fall as it has ever been in. The fairways are lush and the greens are smooth.

— Every round of golf produces at least one shot that will make your palms sweaty and your pulse quicken, and at International Club, it’s the tee shot on the par 3 sixth hole. Playing 172 yards (white tees), almost all it over water, No. 6 requires a combination of nerve and skill players sometimes struggle to muster. Take a deep breath, trust your swing and hope for the best.

— The putter is always the most important club in your bag, but if you want to have a putt for dough, getting off the tee is vital. International Club isn’t exceedingly tight, but players that wander off the short grass may find themselves amidst pine trees. It’s tough to make par from off the pine straw, so whatever you hit off the tee, make sure it’s going straight.

— After the final putt drops at International Club, you are within a 9-iron of one of the Grand Strand’s premier attractions, Murrells Inlet’s Marshwalk. Murrells Inlet is the Seafood Capital of South Carolina and one trip to the Marshwalk and you will know why. Fresh, locally caught fish, live entertainment and the ability to dine outside while overlooking the inlet is the perfect conclusion to your day.