Myrtle Beach Golf Ambassadors Name Their Favorite Grand Strand Water Hole

Of all the scenic holes in Myrtle Beach golf that feature water as a primary element, which ones are the best? We asked Mark Rosenberg of Seaside Golf Vacations, Nate DeWitt of Myrtle Beach Golf Trips, Craig Chinn of Golf Trek and Jim Huntoon of Heritage Club for their thoughts, and they didn’t hesitate with their choices of favorites.



Mark Rosenberg:
The question is, what’s your favorite water hole in the Myrtle Beach area? For me, the answer is simple. It’s the 189-yard par three 12th hole at Tidewater Golf Club. The 12th hole at Tidewater requires a shot over the salt marshes to a peninsula green where there’s no bailout. Once you’re on the green, you have a beautiful view of Cherry Grove Beach and the Atlantic Ocean beyond. A par on that hole will probably win you a skin, and a birdie will make you a hero. Come on down to Myrtle Beach and try your hand at beating the 12th hole at Tidewater. You’ll love it as much as I do!

Nate DeWitt:
When I think water holes, two come to my mind: the par-three 12th hole at King's North, a fantastic island green par three. Very recognizable, everyone knows it, the SC bunkers, a great hole. Really exemplifies Myrtle Beach golf. And when you fly in, sometimes that’s the first thing you see, so you really feel like you’ve arrived at a special destination. But my favorite water hole is the par-five 18th hole at River Club. A true risk/reward par five, it gives you the option off the tee to take a shortcut, to try to reach the green in two. You obviously have to go over water, but if you don’t take the risk, it’s still a great water hole. It’s a great finishing hole, maybe the best finishing hole in Myrtle Beach golf.

Craig Chinn:
So I figured how growing up as a kid, my dad would come to Myrtle Beach on a golf trip, and all I ever remember is him talking about “Waterloo” at The Dunes Golf & Beach Club. And then finally growing up and being old enough, and coming down and actually getting to play it, it is one of the best golf water holes on the Grand Strand. There’s tons of them that can be named, nominated, but the “Waterloo” at The Dunes Golf & Beach Club has a special meaning to me, because one day, maybe this guy right here will be able to grow up and play golf and have the same thing. Thanks, everybody!

Jim Huntoon:
I’ve always been a fan of natural water hazards, so with that being said I’m going to go with #18 at Caledonia. Water certainly comes into play on the tee shot down the right, you’ve got to keep that in the back of your mind as you place your tee ball. The second shot over the basin to the green guarded by water, it’s a good one. That’s what I’m going with.

Everybody have a good day, and keep it down the middle!