Myrtle Beach Golf Buzz: Blair O’Neal Plays Sandpiper Bay

July 20, 2013

Blair: Hi, my name's Blair O'Neal, host of the Myrtle Beach Golf Buzz. Today I'm with head golf professional Richard Kascsak at Sandpiper Bay Golf & Country Club. Thanks for having me today.

Richard: Thanks for having me.

Blair: Can you tell us a little bit about the golf course?

Richard: Sure. Sandpiper Bay is a 27-hole golf course. It was opened in 1987, so we're celebrating our 25th anniversary this year.

Blair: Congratulations! That's exciting.

Richard: Thank you very much. Yeah, it's very exciting. It features three different 9-holes, the Sand, the Piper, and the Bay; hence the name Sandpiper Bay. The Sand course is a more parfully-styled golf course as well as the Piper course. The Bay course opens up a little bit more, a little wider fairways, a little bit of water on each one of the holes, but it's a lot of fun to play. It's very fair, forgiving, and I think a lot of people really enjoy it.

Blair: What's your favorite nine?

Richard: I really enjoy the Bay nine. It's a little bit more challenging. There's a little bit more risk/reward out there for you to score some birdies and have a good round.

Blair: Nice. You've also redone the greens out here. There are some renovations going on, right?

Richard: That's correct. In 2010, we completed a 27-hole greens renovation which took us three years to complete. We transferred from L-93 Bentgrass over to MiniVerdi Bermuda which has been great for our superintendant.

Blair: I bet. You're getting some good feedback from the golfers out here playing the greens?

Richard: Yes, ma'am. They absolutely love them.

Blair: Can you tell me a little a bit about the awards that were won?

Richard: Sure. I would be honored to tell you about those. In 2010, Sandpiper Bay was nominated and voted on as the Myrtle Beach Area Golf Course Owners Association Golf Course of the Year.

Blair: Very nice. That's a huge award.

Richard: Oh, very nice. Very honored to get that award. And then in 2011, I was nominated and voted on to win the Employee of the Year for the Myrtle Beach Area Golf Course Owners Association.

Blair: Very nice. Congratulations with that!

Richard: Thank you very much. Very honored.

Blair: It's a beautiful course. I'm looking forward to playing all 3 nines. Beautiful clubhouse. Thanks so much for having me out here today.

Richard: Thank you for coming.

Blair: Thank you. I'm Blair O'Neal, host of The Golf Buzz, and make sure to book your tee time at

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