Myrtle Beach Golf Hole of the Week: Crown Park No. 16

January 9, 2017

On a layout that prides itself on being player-friendly, the 16th hole at Crown Park is the heart of an outstanding closing stretch, threading the needle between playability for mid to high handicappers and challenge for better players. 

What can you expect? 




379 yds


350 yds


298 yds


276 yds



Handicap: 8

The dogleg left isn’t long, allowing players options off the tee, but there is lake looming in the elbow of the dogleg. Long hitters can bomb away but they better be accurate as the fairway narrows at the dogleg and a series bunkers of loom a little further up on the right, meaning there is risk.

That being said, players that hit it 275 can take the water out of play and, barring a shot hit off the planet, should, at worst, find the bunkers within 100-110 yards of the green. Find the fairway, and a decent shot at birdie or what should be a routine par awaits. 

For higher handicaps, laying back off the tee is the proper play as there is more room in the fairway and the risk of incurring a penalty shot is significantly reduced. But playing conservatively increases the length and difficulty of your second shot, making a 350-yard hole feel much longer. 

The choice is yours and that is what makes the 16th at Crown Park one of the Myrtle Beach golf course’s best and most scenic holes.